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i can understand how you americans can need a health insurance, but since i live in sweden we have very high taxes 30 % and 50 % if you make a lot of money.... but instead we have free rehabilitaion and free medicine too... there are some cost but nothing that not anyone could pay, so we are blessed in deed here in my country in that case...but still the insurance that i was speaking about was like an accident and life insurance.... on my kids... like if they would be hit by a car on the way home from school...or if they would get crippled and so on....if they werent be able to support them selfs later on in life by a accident then they would get money from this insurance, now i belive in that even if something terrible like this would happend, i pray it wont and i would be cruched if it did happend anything...but i would still see it as god is working in our lifes...i may not understand why or how this would be good for us as a family but i know god works for the best in the eternal view, so i thank and praise god when things are good like right now...i praise and thank god when things look bad and go all wrong. Whit or whitout this insurance.... im going to trust the lord

gods peace to you


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Christian, I don't have that kind of insurance on my children. Nor do I find a reason to do so. I'm with you on that account.


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