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 A Christian Virtue -Tozer


A Christian Virtue

I am being very frank about this and I hope I am being helpful: do not ever say you are not right with God because you like some people better than others! I believe you can be right with God and still not like the way some people behave. It is easy to love those who are the friendly; others rub us the wrong way or perhaps they cut us down. The writer to the Hebrews has appealed to us as Christian believers to "let brotherly love continue" -- in other words, "never stop loving one another in the Lord." Here is what I have found: it is possible to love people in the Lord even though you may not like their boorish or distasteful human traits. We still love them for Jesus' sake! Yes, I believe you can be right with God and still not like the way some people behave. Our admonition is to love them in a larger and more comprehensive way because we are all one in Christ Jesus. This kind of love is indeed a Christian virtue!

Lord, let brotherly love continue from my life.

Let brotherly love continue.
—Hebrews 13:1

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 Re: A Christian Virtue -Tozer

Never mind your brothers and sisters in Christ, there are members of your own family you have problems with!
Still, I can see where Tozer is coming from. You can't like everyone, neither can everyone like you. We have to be honest. Honesty is also a virtue.

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