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 Heat taxes utilities, human endurance ...

Heat taxes utilities, human endurance

i was watching the Home TV channel the other day and they were talking about how upset some folk are in beautiful up-state NY because of the electric company's plans to run like 500 miles of high tension lines thru to ship much needed energy from there to NYC and it's suburbs ... Then they told of all the excess demand for electricity the new (extravagant) housing has caused because they're so much bigger, and have all kinds of energy guzzling ameneties/appliances in them ...

i guess it's because of my parents that i have such disdain for ridiculous electrical appliances ... Why in the world would any able bodied person need and electric can opener, or elecric knife? ... Then right after this program another came on touting new electrical gadgetry, the most ridiculous to me being a wine bottle cooler that you plug in and it cools your wine to 44 degrees in eight minutes ...

The real trouble with we Americans is that we don't even see our excesses, and it's gonna be a real shock to many when we'll no longer be able to afford what we now take for granted ... My parents used to always say, "You never miss your water til your well runs dry" ...

Can we imagine the disposition of most American's with a dry well? ... Can we imagine no air conditioning in summer, or heat as we know it in winter, or that daily shower ... Can we say "Ugly American"? ... :-?

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 Re: Heat taxes utilities, human endurance ...

The real trouble with we Americans is that we don't even see our excesses

Brother you are correct with this article, its is very sad the level of living we have been accustomed to, it is a reality in my thoughts of late. I heard ravenhill recently in a sermon state: "That america flushes their toliets with drinkable water!" how appaling is that when alot of the world is in dire need of such good water.

I believe Christians need to start being content with less God help me to take steps to live simplier.

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