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 Wilkerson's,"Set the trumpet to thy mouth" book

There are many inspiring christian books to read. One of them, I first read about 15 yrs ago, is "Set the trumpet to thy mouth" by David Wilkerson. I have reda it a few times over the years and have found it to be very encouraging toward being set apart for God. Has anyone else read it and if so what did you think of it? God bless,John

 2006/8/1 4:38

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 Re: Wilkerson's,"Set the trumpet to thy mouth" book

I have this book, brother. Like Ravenhill writes in the foreward, it IS a volcano! I actually quoted from it recently in a discussion over "Christian" rock. I think Wilkerson is right on with all his convictions. I think he's right also about the "Babylonian idiot box" (or TV for those who haven't read the book). According to Wilkerson, America will be destroyed in one hour by a hydrogen holocaust sent by Russia. Lots of scoffers wrote this prophecy off when the Iron Curtain fell, but Russia is still dangerously viable and if she teams up with China, the USA is toast. But God is going to bring down the bloody USA no matter what (even Ravenhill said back in '84 that we're living on borrowed time. God has ALREADY judged us; nothing will turn it back). This book is a spooky, acerbic read. I do not reject Wilkerson's prophecies; I believe God speaks to him, and has set him up as a watchman over this nation. His ministry had the full endorsement from Leonard Ravenhill, who considered him a "New Testament prophet."

I recommend this book if you haven't read it. It's a scorcher, a dire "last call" trumpet blast before God sends a foreign nation to obliterate the USA. I'm pretty sure it's still in print, unlike most of Wilkerson's books from the early to mid 80's.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2006/8/1 8:24Profile


Wow! Now that was a very good, "no holds barred" endorsement of a truly current classic for christians to read. If one goes to Wilkersons web site you can probably order the book there. Thanks Paul

 2006/8/1 8:37

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