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 Cokes to Crashes!

Lee, Clint, and I all went out Saturday night. We were able to preach. At one bar, some hecklers opened up the window and we preached back and forth for quite awhile. Eventually I think one of them got convicted. You could tell by the way his heckling changed. There were a group of girls standing there and I asked them how many went to church. Several of them did. It was only a few weeks ago that one of the "church goers" cursed us out.

While I went into a sandwich shop to use the restroom, Clint was sitting outside waiting. He was just sitting there with the sign and a couple came up to him and started questioning him. They began to call Clint a hypocrite and other names. Clint was just sitting there calmly answering they questions while they would get angry. I walked out and talked to them for a few minutes. The man asked me if I had had coke in my face before. I thought he was going to throw it then, but eventually he calmed down, shook our hands, and left.

I sat down and another couple got out of their truck and started to ask us questions. She was drunk, but it was a very calm conversation. They said they "appreciated what we were doing" ect. While I was sitting there the man we talked to earlier walked by and threw his coke at me. I just sat there, wiped the ice off of me, and kept talking to the couple. I told them something to this effect, "when you are born again, you don't hate people when they do bad things to you. You love them." They were in utter shock. The woman wanted to go chase the man down and hit him. I told her she would do better to turn and serve Jesus.

After I dropped Clint off at his truck, I pulled out of the store and was struck by another car. I was making a left on an intersection and a girl ran the red light here are some photos.

I am fine. All I came away with was a knot on the back of my head!

In the above photo you can see how far my explorer was pushed. Imagine that brown truck turning left. That is what I was doing, and where my explorer is where I stopped.

This one you can see how my stering wheel is turned, while my tire is straight.

(You can click the photos to see it larger)

Josh Parsley

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 Re: Cokes to Crashes!

I thank the Lord you are okay, brother. I also pray that God uses the incident with the coke and your exemplary Christian behavior to speak volumes to that woman. I pray it be instrumental in leading her to Christ one day.

May God's blessings and favor increase as you continue to serve Him with your life.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2006/7/31 22:55Profile

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