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I wonder if God closes doors sometimes, to allow those involved to become familiar with themselves – their hidden fears, motives, desires, etc. It’s the waiting room test.

I have given this type of question a lot of thought in the last few years. In the end I don't think there is a 'single' answer to the question, but that each situation requires specific discernment.

I recall going with Andrew to speak to a meeting of leaders of the Salvation Army in 2004. It was almost a 100% (one person did not respond) response to the two message he brought. I don't know what happened afterward, but I believe he was invited back. It was out of state though.

There were other meeting when we were invited back also, but they were out of state. Andrew preached a sermon called "The Final Exam" that I may have somewhere, but it is poor audio. It was one of the most searching messages I ever heard and it was not 'hard preaching.' His voice seemed to only be a whisper. The unction was powerful and folk responded in a powerful way. One man had to actually rent a hotel for the night because he was weeping before God and disturbing his house. He was still weeping when we saw him the next day.

We were boycotted once in South Dakota because he mentioned the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The people were fine with it, but there were some powerful 'influences' that gave orders to the people not to attend the meetings. the first night went well, but the second was small. We had trouble again in Nebraska when the topic of the Baptism came up. Andrew's message is simple, Repent, be Baptized, and be filled with the Spirit.

As far as I know we met with no real resistance when we were out in the Open Air. The weather is the 'door closer' in those cases. We were at a park several weeks running in Blue Springs, MO and folk came outside Sunday PM to hear the word and sit under the trees. There was also a 'gathering' that happened there. It simply became too hot for folk to sit out in 90+ degree weather.

Then the large cafeteria at the old Metro Christian fellowship opened up and meetings were held that were quite successful. They were mostly full each time. That was around the time that Andrew 'left the prophetic movement.' It was only a matter of weeks and the building was bought out and that door 'closed'.

The first John the Baptist conference was fairly large. That conference was a bit heavy towards the out-of-church movement, I thought. It was a little stronger than I could handle, so I backed off a little while. Just differences in point of view concerning the church and how things should be addressed. We were not in any conflict over it. This went on for between 6-9 months or so. Andrew traveled to several places to minister of which I was not a part during this time. He was also involved in the Katrina effort for a while.

The second conference was a bit smaller, but still Ok, I think. But those conferences were only a once a year thing.

Then we went got together to go to the streets and worked with the homeless. This went on from about Sept 2005 to the present. We ministered to many folks in prayer, one on one, etc. A church opened its cafeteria to us on the corner from where we were. It was a wonderful facility for the purpose. A stone church. This was right after Greg and Jesse came for the weekend. Andrew and his wife ministered to the homeless via song and short preaching times on Saturday and Sunday. These were successful also, I think. But soon there were problems with the building (so we were told) and that door 'closed'. We were then on the streets again preaching and singing open air when things went as planned. That was short lived due to the move.

So, what does it all mean? Only God knows. Some good things happened here for sure. Greg and Andrew were finally able to meet for one thing. Many people were ministered to in these two+ years. It just did not become what was 'hoped'. It was hoped that folk who were disillusioned by the happenings with Metro and the KC Prophets who had gone into seculsion would hear the 'call' and get back on track. There was a hope that these folk would get back to what God called them to in their role in God's plan for bringing revival to this nation. Some heard, but it was only a relative few.

Some were so effected that they have in effect laid down their swords. There was also a hope that the original hope of revival would be regained as repentance took place among the leaders originally involved in the whole KC revival thing. When this did not happened, Andrew spoke out at the 'happenings' of the prophetic conference held at Metro.

I suppose when you take a line such as this you have to be prepared for doors to 'close'. It comes with the territory.

Robert Wurtz II

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