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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : The Enigma of William M Branham

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Montreal, Canada


Thank you Boomatt for including the BIBLE RESPONSE section! It's a real blessing.

I'm currently reading the 5 book series of William Branham by Owen Jorgensen (Supernatural: The life of William Branham). I'm on book 3 and this story is absolutely amazing and wonderful to read.

Yet at the same time, I did not know if I should read the last book which refers to his latter years wear he started departing from the truth.

With the Bible response you posted, I have a clearer understanding of what to watch out for and the confidence to keep going.

Thanks again brother,


Martin Millette

 2006/8/24 7:34Profile

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Having spent over 30 years studying this important messenger, it always strikes me as odd that folks who know nothing about what he said, make all kinds of false statements based solely on Google searches. :-(

There is no such thing as Branhamism.

 2009/8/13 21:26Profile

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