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 Urgent: Brother who needs Bibles in Pakistan

Our Brother, Pastor Shahzad Rasheed NEEDS Bibles in the persecuted Muslim strong hold of Pakistan.

Pastor Shahzad's crusades are saving many many Muslims. Other Pastors are continually contacting him for Bibles, the need is getting desperate with so many Muslims being saved.

Please Contact
Pastor Shahzad at [email protected]
Myself [email protected]
He willbe more then happy to share stories or more prayer points with you.

Donate money yourself
Put this need before your prayer meeting or before your Pastor to take a collection. Of course, pray for this Brother in this persecuted Muslim country.

Please leave comments about further ideas you may have, or if you wish to bring this before your Church or questions.


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Joined: 2004/9/26
Posts: 25
Hong Kong (SAR)

 Re: Urgent: Brother who needs Bibles in Pakistan

A plea written by Pastor Shahzad Rasheed. I have posted this on my blog for anyone who feels moved to assist in this urgent work with Bibles to Muslims. - Dean

Holy greetings from Pakistan

I want to introduce myself, I am Pastor Shahzad Rasheed, belong to Gospel Pentecostal Church of Pakistan, working as Youth president and general board member of the GPC of Pakistan! my chairman named Rev. Javed Nawab founder chairman of Gospel Pentecostal church of Pakistan,

I would like to tell you about our activities and what we are doing here for souls to protect them for His Holy Kingdom. Beloved! by the Grace of God our Lord, Gospel Pentecostal Church of Pakistan is a fellowship of saints and believers, an organization like a holy family to develop spiritual dignity among humanity in this present age. Gospel Pentecostal Church in Pakistan make violent vigilant efforts to spread the WORD of GOD. Men of God know the difficulties in spiritual war, especially Pakistan which is very hostile toward the Gospel. How the worldly and materialists come against us, how the great predictions, prophecies and forecasts have come true in the life of saints when they run through misery and troubles due to the work of God to save souls for His Holy Kingdom.

The Bible says. In the morning sow your seed, And in the evening do not with hold your hand; for you do not know which will prosper, Either this or that. (Ecclesiastes 11:6)

We saw many ups and downs, Jesus our Lord always protects us With His mighty right hand! When we started the work we were very few but in present time we are almost 90 Pastors, Evangelists and Bible Women who are working on the GPC's platform. As you know Pakistan is a fundamental Islamic Nation. We are persecuted and deceived all the time by Muslims. We cannot preach openly, but underground. We have many brothers and sisters that have come to known Christ Jesus as their personal saviour! They are working with us, especially for Muslim Nations with a great burden!

Most of all I want to let you know our problems that we are not able to give Holy Bibles! We have some Bibles Societies shops in Pakistan, one in Lahore city, Karachi, and Faislabad, but not in all cities of Pakistan. Some areas are very dangerous Taliban terrorist areas, nobody can bring Holy Bible there. In our last conference many Pastors and Evangelists were crying for Bibles, but we excuse them for this. Now I give application to my brother Dean Lewis regarding Holy Bibles for distribution in those cities and states where people are crying out, O such great need for Bibles. They live under persecution, we are working hard to spread the gospel there.

Whenever we need some Holy Bibles, we pay to get them. There is need for 500 Bibles urgently for now! It's cost USD $ 2500. Your support will be highly appreciated among us.

May the Lord touch you and bless you indeed super abundantly amen and amen!

Yours, in the fight for souls
Pastor Shahzad Rasheed


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