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Decatur, Illinois


I realize that these are hard words, and seem even outrageous…. But as I read the Scriptures, more and more this is what I find. Could I be wrong?

God bless you sister. Amen. Amen. You're not wrong.

Joe Auvil

 2006/7/22 20:58Profile

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Dallas, Texas


Amen, Diane. Ravenhill said that he took the Union Jack to the cross years ago - and left it there. I've done the same with Old Glory. I'm thankful to God for my earthly country, but it's going to burn. I pray for Bush...but my allegiance is to Heaven and King Jesus Christ exclusively.

Preach the gospel, brother Bartle, and let the heathen fight their wars.

Preach the gospel, brother!

Paul Frederick West

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These religous 'fault-line' wars remind me of a victorian quote by the Roman Catholic Joseph Hilaire Belloc:

"the faith is Europe and Europe is the faith"

Later in the 20th century, many American Christians have said, "America is the faith." And today many Christians, Jews, and Muslims would say that "Jerusalem is the faith."

So whose Kingdom is the faith? God's people living under every flag would like to know.


Mike Compton

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 Heavy Stuff

sis Diane
Those are some hard things to consider. Do we love God enough and His Kingdom enough to forsake our respective countries of origin/residence now if He were to ask.

Dare we disobey God for any cause?

Lord help us!AMEN.

Farai Bamu

 2006/7/22 21:35Profile

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bro Mike

So whose Kingdom is the faith? God's people living under every flag would like to know.

ouch! this is the proverbial million-dollar question. Christ answered it when He said, "my kingdom is not of this world"

heaven is where our allegiance should lie, if it conflicts with the laws of the lands we live in somehow, i pray we do right by God. AMEN.

Farai Bamu

 2006/7/22 21:38Profile

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i can see what you meen, but we as christians should not worrie, god has everything in his hand, and i belive as i understand scripture you as a "american" should expect great judgements on your nation , if we were to look on what your country is guilty of in gods eyes, now im expecting the same judgement on my own country, we are one of the most sinful countrys in the world. But i do not Wawe the swedisch flag, i belong to a different kingdom, america sweden.... it will ALL BURN ANYWAY, until that day....witch doesent seem very far away, lets bring as many people we can whit us, i just belive as we as followers of christ should never be for war , no matter how evil or how sinful or godless the other country is, but their sining doesent make our sin right.

ive watched many times memri tv...its very disturbing to watch and se....but i do trust that the lord is going to bring justice.
let us pray for thease matters...for israels saftey and its neighbours...pray for workers to the harvest.


 2006/7/22 23:28Profile

 Re: Brother JoeA

As Christians we are to put on the whole armor of God

Bro JoeA, you are a Christian, I am a Jew who is a follower of Jesus, you could call me a Christian, I could call you "child of Abraham, we both are "children of Abraham"......?

I heard many Gentile "children of Abraham" speak of their great love for the Jewish people, and that have a burden for the Jews, and a love for Israel.

The Land of Israel is where the Lord Jesus lived and walked His earthly ministry, now the Land of Israel is at war, imperiled, surrounded and outnumbered, for almost 60 years they have lived in very rough neighborhood, and surivived, do you really think this is because the power of their own strength?

You infered that my mind is on "earthly things", and that I am worrying about "national security", This battle is the an earthly reflection of the battle being waged in the heavenlies, between good and evil. If a man straps explosives around his waist walks into a crowd of civilians, detonates it, while shrieking "Allahuakbar!" (God is great!) what kind of god is this?

It's not a god, it abbadon, in Hebrew that translates out to the Destroyer, the god of the abyss, this is the god, that radical islamic jihadists worship.

Israel has sought to exist in the Land that God gave to us/them as an everlasting covenant. Did God use the romans to remove us from the Land?


Did God use the hitlerites to scourge us by burning 6 million in the ovens of Europe?


Did God use the UN do to give the Jews a homeland in 1948, and then further protect them by running ahead of them and giving them the strength to vanguish their many enemies who vastly outnumber them?


These are not earthly things, what you see happening, unfolding about you is prophecy as written in the Holy Scriptures.

The Jews are God's chosen people and thru the atoning Blood of Messiah he has torn the curtain of the Temple, and grafted you a Gentile into the Vine, as a child of Abraham, the father of the faith.

I appreciate your pacifism, and I believe that any man who cannot take up arms should have this right.

I agree, the enemy is the devil, but he has many names, and one of them is abbadon, the destroyer, and this is who we face in the guise of radical islamic jihadists.

here's q question for you, when God makes a an everlasting with His people, does God go back on His Word?

to say yes to this, you must as well throw out what is known as the Old Testament.

I will give to you what the Spirit has revealed to me, that in the coming days, America will suffer a grievous hideous attack on its shores, that will far eclipse the attack of 9/11.

Do we fear this?

Many, who do not have the reassurance of Messiah, fear such death and destruction, but our promise lays in the heavenly Jerusalem, where thousands of saints sing in praise of God.

There is good and evil, and I fix my thoughts on Jesus because he will come in the sky, but He also told us to be aware of the times.

and we are in such times, whether you like it or not.

Pray for peace and prepare for battle, its coming.


 2006/7/23 0:57

 Paul West

Preach the gospel, brother Bartle, and let the heathen fight their wars.

Something in that statement who made bothers me.

As I've said over and over again, I am a Jew who follows Jesus, and my brothers and sisters in Israel who have been atacked repeatedly over the past sixty years now face the greatest peril they have ever faced from the Islamic Republic of Iran who are the theocratical and financial backers of what is known as Hezbo-allah, the party of god.

The nation of Israel is hardly "heathen", they are God's chosen people, and you who have been grafted into this Vine thru the atoning Blood of Messiah should get on your knees, and realize that you too are a "child of Abraham"....and that King Jesus is the Son of Yahweh, El Shaddai, Adonai, Elohim, all Hebrew words,

recognize the Grace you've shown and where it came from. My Jewish brothers ands sisters were given an EVERLASTING covenant from Yahweh, EVERLASTING means just that, and Jesus said that one day He will come back for His Chosen people.

He has your heart and your soul, and one day praise God He will gather all the tribes of Israel. Get on your knees, and I promise you, He will reveal that nation is Israel is not some collection of "heathen".

Too much Jewish blood, thru the centuries has been shed by 'christians' treating Jews as "heathen".

I resent that term being used by you in reference to my brothers and sisters in Israel who do not yet know Messiah.

One day He will gather them all up, this is what Jeremiah 30-33 is all about.

Why don't you read it, look in the mirror, and say what you just said to me, "Preach the Gospel brother."

forgive me if I seem harsh, but I'm wondering how deep the love of the church for the Jewish people really is.

 2006/7/23 1:22

 dear sister roadsign Diane

what you are witnessing in my humble Spirit led opinion is way way beyond nation states, and national identities

It is prophecy, it ia an earthly mirror of a battle be waged in the heavenlies.


 2006/7/23 1:27

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 Re: where do we draw the lines?

I've said over and over again, I am a Jew who follows Jesus

Did not the apostle Paul reverse the order?

Too much Jewish blood, thru the centuries has been shed by 'christians' treating Jews as "heathen"

Add to this: countless true followers of Christ have been martyred by the Church – I’d say by the nominal Christians. Indeed, the church has been the main source of much persecution for centuries – of many minority groups.

I add here – to encourage you, that my grandfather and his brother, including actually their entire family and many others were leaders in the underground movement in Holland – who tried to preserve many of the lives of your people – even at a risk to their own lives. They were true believers, and God honoured them. Many miracles have been recorded (however never made the history books). I say this to point out that God did indeed stir his followers towards humanitarian works on your behalf. God only knows, maybe you are here today because somewhere back in your history, Christians have protected your ancestors. By the way, I should add that my great uncle lost his life in the process. A book was written about his life – now being translated into English.

On another note:
At the time war broke out, there were over 40,000 fellow Canadians in Lebanon. Some died as a result of the bombings. It gets real tricky: Does your “call” to defend your brother justify the results: that my brother loses his life. Is my brother less important to God? You see, it gets very messy when we try to draw lines in the sand around people groups and then take self-defence in our own hands. Does God not give us a better way?

Art Katz, himself a Christian Jew has much to say about how he perceives the nation of Israel, and Israel’s future. You may wish to check this out. It’s rich.

[url=]Ben Israel - The Burning Bush[/url]
He also has many audio sermons on SI.

May God’s peace rule in your heart. Shalom, brother.



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