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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Azusa Street

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I agree with you that the Bible is supposed to be my number one priority as far as doctrine, or anything else.
I also agree with you as far as the WOF movement is concerned, but I have been blessed by the Testimonies that I have read from the people who attended the Azusa Street meetings.
As someone stated, I wasn't there, but the Testimonies are great.
Could you tell me what you base your concern on, other than speaking in tongues?
God Bless

 2006/7/21 15:57Profile

 Re: Sister Nellie

I could write a whole post on Krispy, and how I have allowed cyber dust-ups with him to stumble me, instead. please allow me to link to a brand new book by Cecil Robeck on the Azusa Street revival that I just bought not 5 minutes ago.

The Bartleman book is a wonderful book, and really delves into the prayer heart of a true intercessor. Unfortunately bro Bartleman got involved into the Oneness movement...which is a whole other ball of wax.

What I found neat about the whole revival is that it was the first time since the abolitionist days that black and white people joined hands and hearts together in the worship of Christ.


 2006/7/21 19:35

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Hi everyone.

I would like to encourage us to remember caution and patience in dealing with these issues.

My earliest Christian background was in the Apostolic, Oneness Pentecostal movement which Bartle mentioned.

One thing I've noticed as I have been exposed to the different histories and experiences of Christian thought and practice is that there is often a significant measure of misunderstanding on the part of the differing sides. Maybe this is due to the nature of the [i]debates[/i] or to the flaws in our attempts to communicate with each other, or both or even more. There is misunderstanding nonetheless.

Meanwhile, there is a mass of experience on all sides which carries with it a certain weightiness. You find it in the lives of men and women who throughout history have been vessels of honor, filled and poured out in service to the Master.

My humble advice is that we come to their example, be encouraged, and seek a transforming encounter with Jesus our Lord for on our own. That, and be wary of those groups who have

reigned as kings without us

who, it would seem, no longer [i] see as through a glass darkly[/i].


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/7/21 20:51Profile

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My humble advice is that we come to their example, be encouraged, and seek a transforming encounter with Jesus our Lord for on our own.

Amen, brother. We need the transforming power of Jesus to work in our hearts. All other things (past revivals, moves of God, etc.) are extraneous and have no bearing on our present walks.

It was foolish of me to even say anything in defense of Azusa Street. Who am I? All I aspire for is to get closer to God each day. Evertything else, like you say, is but looking through a glass darkly.

God bless you all!

Bro. Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2006/7/21 21:11Profile

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