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 Preached 2 Racist Group

[b]Preached 2 Racist Group[/b]
[i]Saturday July 8th, 2006[/i]

The team and I went back to Holbrook Lake for open air preaching. Last time we were there the crowd complained to police and said we were cursing and swearing in order to have them stop us. But I spoke to the Cheif Deputy Sherrif on the phone and told her that we will just record all of our preaching so if they get anymore people saying such ridiculous accusations, we could just play the tape for the officer. She said that would be great and they have no problem with us preaching at the Lake.

As we drove there, the first thing we saw was a TALL confederate flag. I wondered if they were racists and if they would give us any trouble.

We started preaching and started getting heckled by teenage kids playing volley ball. After much heckling they asked if we could just move to another part of the beach. We decided to try the other end.

There we preached until a police officer arrived. I told him that we spoke to Cheif Deputy Sherrif Debbie who said we could preach there. I explained how we only want a certain part of the beach. If someone wants to go to another section to tan or go into the water to swim, they wouldn't even hear us. And that our volume level was only talking volume, we didn't yell or shout or really raise our voices. And I explained how we had already moved when the volley ball players requested it. So if anyone wants to come over to where we are to hear us they can. We are not forcing it upon anyone but just making it available.

He said, "Well, it's your constitutional right to preach, I can't stop you." So we continued preaching.

There was one man in particular with a 666 tatoo who blasted his music to drown us out. He also said he was on X. I told him that he was the blind following the blind but that Jesus Christ can give him site. I explained how Jesus Christ came to make the blind see and how God's Word is a lamp unto our feet so that we can see where we are going. "You are heading for destruction and you don't even see it. Turn to Jesus Christ and live."

The racists group was on this end as well and they blasted out of their cars a nasty racist song. I preached, "You love your racism. But when you get the love of God in your heart, you will love black men, yellow men, white men. When you get the love of God in your heart you will love all people."

I went back and forth with some of the hecklers for awhile. One girl were cuss and swear at us and then tell us how she goes to Church on Sundays. "Your tongue is filthy. You need a new tongue. And you only get a new tongue when you get a new heart! The only person who can give you a new heart is Jesus Christ!"

The other members of the team preached. One brother, Jason who recently realized he was a false convert and got soundly saved, preached open air for the first time. He was fiery, sharp, and serious! And he wants to continue going out regularly and asked if we could go out again today. So we are heading back to the beach.

One heckler yesturday said, "why don't you guys just leave. Nobody wants to hear you." And as soon as he said that a man who had been listening to us stood up, walked over to him and said, "Hey man, I came all across the beach to come listen to these guys preach." The heckler had nothing more to say.

We had to overcome many distractions like fireworks and the music from the cars. We eventually decided to go back to the other end of the beach to get away from the music attempting to drown us out.

There a women and her family listened to us. She said she recently went to a Christian event and really wants to serve the Lord, but even today she was drinking beer. I explained how Jesus Christ and set her free from all bondages. She said she self medicates. I told her the only medicine she needs is Jesus. I asked if we could pray with her to which we gladly accepted. We prayed that the Lord would do a work on the inside of her and that God would change her, that she would continue with the Lord all the days of her life, and that He would break all sin bondages in her life. We gave her tracts about Jesus and also a tract I wrote called "Freedom from sin".

Afterwards she kepted saying, "thank you. thank you." And also kept saying, "I think ya'll came here for me. I think ya'll came here for me."

So amongst the satanists, racists, atheists, blasphemers and drunkards, there was Dawn. There is always stoney ground and thorny ground, but there is also good soil. We can't ever get discouraged when we always find ourselves in front of angry crowds justifying their sin, because the Lord is doing a work and we must keep at is, rejoicing when we find those ready and willing to get right with God.

Overall we open air preached for two hours and we are going back out today for a few hours. I hope to go to this lake a few times a week during the summer and am remarkably glad the Lord worked it out so we can work with the police to have outreaches there.

 2006/7/9 16:20

 Re: Preached 2 Racist Group

[b]Sunday July 9th, 2006[/b]

Today we went back out to the lake to preach again. We ministered maybe for 2 hours and were able to wrap in a pretty good crowd for a good amount of time.

Once we started going back and forth and there was an open dialog, the crowd just gathered.

"If God wanted us to wear clothing then why were we born naked? Wasn't Adam and Eve naked?"

"When a child who is 2 or 3 years old runs around the house in the buff, it's considered cute. But if that same child does it when he's 12, 13, 14, it's no longer cute. Why? Because he knows better!

Yes, Adam and Eve were nude before they ate from the tree. But then they recieved knowledge, saw their shamefulness, and started wearing clothing. You know better because you were born with the inherit knowledge Adam and Eve recieved."

At another time I commented on smoking:

"You know, cigarettes cause cancer!"

"Don't preach about cigarettes!"

"Even the surgeon general tells you that they cause cancer. Why should the surgeon general warn you and the preachers be silent?"

"Your not helping us!"

"Your like a child who doesn't want to get a shot from the doctor because it might hurt. But it's the shot that will help you. You need a shot from Jesus Christ to cure you from your sin."

More and more people are hearing about our beach outreaches and want to start joining us. I'm looking forward to many more fruitful outreaches there.

 2006/7/10 14:40

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