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Thank you, Ron, for the link to the 1876 Methodist Hymnal. I've added it to my favorites! I like too because it has the music to accompany them. I bless the day God opened my eyes to the vast storehouse of gems contained in these songs of holy verse.

I've grown so much from just meditating on the hymns! Of course, nothing can replace the Word of God, but these hymns are just pregnant with God's Word and many of them contain messages that far surpass most full-blown sermons that take 1-2 hours to deliver from the pulpits of today. It just goes to show the measure of anointing and power these holy saints of old had - how close they lived with Jesus Christ. I'm always ashamed to think how far the church has sunken with the sterile, sappy stuff you hear on the radio nowadays.

Enough of it! Feed me the majestic, God-breathed prose of Watts, Wesley, Doddridge, Hoffman, Cowper, Newton, Crosby! I don't know of anything in the world that can surpass the old, holy hymns in terms of pure devotion.

God bless you, brother!


Paul Frederick West

 2006/7/29 15:52Profile

 Re: a hymn from C Wesley

Hi JoeA, PaulWest, InTheLight, W_D_J_D and Compton,

I thought you might be interested to read this other, the original secondlast verse from And can it be?, which is often left out, and to discuss why might some people not want to sing this verse. Is it that they simply have no idea what it means?

[b]Still the small inward voice I hear,
That whispers all my sins forgiven;
Still the atoning blood is near,
That quenched the wrath of hostile Heaven.
I feel the life His wounds impart;
I feel the Savior in my heart.
I feel the life His wounds impart;
I feel the Savior in my heart.

 2006/7/30 8:20

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