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 The Disease of Disobedience and Revolt -Tozer


The Disease of Disobedience and Revolt

The deep disease of the human heart is a will broken loose from its center, like a planet that has left its central sun and started to revolve around some strange body from outer space that may have moved in close enough to draw it away. When Satan said, "I will," he broke loose from his normal center, and the disease with which he has infected the human race is the disease of disobedience and revolt. Any adequate scheme of redemption must take into account this revolt and must undertake to restore again the human will to its proper place in the will of God. In accord with this underlying need for the healing of the will, the Holy Spirit, when He effects His gracious invasion of the believing heart, must win that heart to glad and voluntary obedience to the whole will of God. The cure must be wrought from within; no outward conformity will do. Until the will is sanctified the man is still a rebel just as an outlaw is still an outlaw at heart even though he may be yielding grudging obedience to the sheriff who is taking him to prison.

Draw us into Your sphere, Lord; bend our wills toward Yours.

Yet they rebelled / and grieved his Holy Spirit.
—Isaiah 63:10

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