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sis dorcas

Amen to the fellowship we enjoy on this forum. I've not put into words before, I don't think, that I've noticed we are very much on the same page. Your posts in this thread, about turning the searchlight on our own lives, very much accords with my thinking. I would caution, though, that while one can be open to correction from on High, unless the word comes from on High, our attempts to correct ourselves will lack the necessary ingredients of God's healing love and creative transformation. Iow.... it would be pure works.

good to know we're not crazy! :-P i agree wholeheartedly that the correction as we turn the spotlight on ourselves ought to come from on High. also should the light with which we look at ourselves, lest we look on ourselves more favourably that we ought and fail to be where God wants us to be.

Farai Bamu

 2006/7/12 6:57Profile

 Re: Richardf

I have no clue why he gets "slagged off lots".

I trust that is British slang for getting "dissed" as we here in the Colonies say.

My initial post was to pray for him because he got invited to preach in front of one of the most godless vicious dictators that trod the surface of this fallen doomed world, Kim Jong Il, whom for I pray to recieve the marvelous gift of Grace that the Blood of Jesus brought to us......forgiveness of sins, justification, and a new life IN Christ, and that is sanctification.

Oh what a wonderful story that would make: Kim Jong Il personally recieves Christ into his heart, and allows South Korean Christian missionaries to stream northward to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to their brothers and sisters up north.

and what a testimony the South Korean church(and the Korean-American church also) is: do you realize in 1953 when the armistice was signed it was a country in ruins, starvation and sickness, brokeness and death stalked the land.

Of course, we Americans provided material aid, as well as a physical buffer of American soliders, but the South Korean's worked hard to rebuild but MOST importantly they PRAYED hard, with tears, worshiped hard, and today they send out WORLDWIDE almost as many missionaries as we Americans.

you should see South Korea, its a beautiful gleaming gem, a first world country because they leaned on Jesus. Join a Korean prayer group about intense, intense love for the Lord, devotion, holiness, community.

Revival is coming to North Korea, and when that revival comes, Korea will be one, and maybe I can wander that land telling all who would listen that Jesus saved a wretched sinner like me......oh joy, I can see it in my soul's eye.

Kim Jong Il reached out to Rick Warren because he's the most well known world wide preacher.

I pray that some posters around here would just pray for him and let God be God.

 2006/7/12 7:40

 Reported from the Korean Times 12 July

Seo Dong-shin
Staff Reporter
Rick Warren, prominent U.S. pastor and mega-selling author, Wednesday confirmed that he would visit Mt. Kumgang in North Korea next Monday to outline his plan to preach at a public outdoor Christian service scheduled next year in the communist country.

Speaking at a press conference at a Seoul hotel, the founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Valley Community Church in California, United States, stressed that the visit has ``nothing to do with the politics,'' although it will take place amid continuing tension between the United States and North Korea as well as other countries in the region over the North's recent missile launches.

Warren, a 52-year-old pastor who had his name on lists such as ``100 Top Celebrities in the World'' by Forbes magazine and ``15 People Who Make America Great'' by Newsweek, arrived in Seoul Wednesday to preach at massive Christian rallies planned in major cities in the South as well as to make a preparatory trip to the communist North.

Warren is well-known for his book ``Purpose-Driven Life,'' which sold over 25 million copies around the world and 800,000 in South Korea alone since its publication in 2002. Seoul evangelists hope that the book's influence and his visit will provide momentum in their efforts to boost the dwindling Christian population here.

Warren said that he is ready to go to preach the gospel wherever he is invited, stressing that his message will not change even in North Korea.

``My message everywhere I go is exactly the same,'' he said. ``That there's only one hope for life, and it is the relationship with Jesus Christ. That will outlast everything we do.''

But Warren chose to remain tightlipped on the details of the plan in North Korea, speaking religiously when asked about his opinion on the situation surrounding the Korean Peninsula.

``Stability comes only when we put our faith in something that cannot be taken away with,'' he said. ``If I put my hope in human solutions it will disappoint me ¡¦ So where people are worried or stressed or anxious I say don't look within, don't look to others for solution but put your trust in God. Ultimately he is in control of the history, so the answer is a spiritual commitment.''

According to Warren's own account posted on his Web site, a delegation of South Korean businessmen visited him at Saddleback Church in late June and invited him to speak at the public outdoor Christian service to be held in the North Korean capital in March next year marking the 100th anniversary of the Pyongyang Revival in 1907. The South Koreans had obtained permission for the service, which will be the first of its kind in 60 years as the dictatorial North Korean regime virtually bans any religious activities in public.

``My hope is that these visits will promote religious freedom in a country where the practice of individual faith has been tightly controlled and virtually prohibited since 1945,'' he wrote.

During his stay in South Korea, Warren will speak at the conferences for pastors to be held in Seoul Thursday and Pusan Friday. South Korean organizers also expect that some 100,000 people will turn up at Thursday's Christian rally, where Warren will preach to the general public at Seoul World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong.

He is also scheduled to meet with President Roh Moo-hyun at Chong Wa Dae on Friday.

``I always go for encouragement,'' Warren, who is on a 34-day trip to 13 nations meeting with top political and religious leaders, said when asked about the agenda in a meeting with Roh. ``Leadership is always a lonely job and there are many sides pulling at you at the same time. As a pastor of the large church I understand this. So I'm looking forward to the personal visit to the president here.''

 2006/7/12 7:56

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Philadelphia PA

 Re: Reported from the Korean Times 12 July

Hi everyone.

The following qoute is from the news item which Bartle provided for us.

According to Warren's own account posted on his Web site, [u][b]a delegation of South Korean businessmen[/u][/b] visited him at Saddleback Church in late June [u][b]and invited him[/u][/b] to speak at the public outdoor Christian service to be held in the North Korean capital

I was under the impression that it was the N. Korean government that invited Mr. Warren?

Brother Bartle,

Kim Jong Il reached out to Rick Warren because he's the most well known world wide preacher.

But how do you know this brother?

If I may share something with you all - I am quite apprehensive of saying [b]thus sayeth the Lord[/b]. I'm apprehensive, though probably not always as aware of it, to say it in the many other ways one can say it, when I do not read it clearly in His book. I'm very comfortable speaking on the authority of Scripture but when it comes to saying God is doing such and such, should we not all tread [b]much[/b] more carefully?

For the scripture says

Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.


Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.

Covet to prophesy indeed. But, should we not remember how weighty a matter it is as well?

A divine sentence is in the lips of the king: his mouth transgresseth not in judgment.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/7/12 9:13Profile

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If ANYONE deviates from the written Gospel preached by Jesus, Paul, John, Peter or any of the apostles, LET HIM BE ACCURSED !

The written Gospel is fallen man, Son of Man crucified, man crucified to sin, live the resurrection life dead to sin, dead to money, dead to self.

Wake up guys... Satan wants you to promote this heresy to further his own ends.


 2006/7/12 9:16Profile

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Warren, a 52-year-old pastor who had his name on lists such as ``100 Top Celebrities in the World'' by Forbes magazine and ``15 People Who Make America Great'' by Newsweek

doesent that just say it all??? if one is in christ the world can not love him....

1Jo 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
1Jo 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
1Jo 2:17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.
1Jo 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
1Jo 2:19 They went out FROM us, but they WERE NOT of us: for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.


 2006/7/12 9:32Profile

 Re: Rick Warren to Preach in Communist North Korea

EDIT: I will leave others to answer the points raised in the posts earlier on this page, as I had not noticed them when I began to write what follows.

Hi ChrisJD,

I'm going to pick up on one point only, from your thought-provoking post.... this question.

Sister, that is true, there is a certain honor in going there, but I'm not certain it is a godly honor?

The word 'honour' may seem to be a little confusing, and, I'm not sure what you meant by 'godly honor'. Did you mean Rick Warren being honoured by God?

When I said 'I think he deserves not a little honour for being willing to agree to go.' what I had in mind, was, that [i]we[/i] should honour him as a man, for being willing to take that risk (number one) and also for being willing to own the Name of Jesus (number two) - at the least. Not everyone who calls themselves a Christian is willing to name Jesus, when the crunch comes. I believe Rick Warren is, and that God Himself can use His Name to minister to the hearts, minds and souls who [i][b]hear[/b][/i] His Name.

Knowing that Rick Warren's church has posted a believable creed, which no Christian should be able to refute, and that he is capable of giving traditional Christian answers to formal questions, does give me a certain amount of confidence in his ability to testify to truth... that is, to THE TRUTH, Jesus Christ in simplicity. I hope he gets the opportunity to explain the gospel fully, to people in North Korea, especially if the crowd is hand-picked and full of government dignatories.

If he is willing to speak out the word that God lays in his heart - and we all know how God can make His presence felt so that we can speak [i]no other word[/i] (don't we?) - then I believe God will honour his bravery and his obedience by [i]giving[/i] him the word in the first place, and preserving him during his time there.

I do believe that God would be willing to take him up and use him, if he opens himself to be used. Even if he takes money for going, he can give it away. If he doesn't have that matter to consider, then it's not a problem, is it?

All this 'opinion' from me, depends on this trip going according to the publicity it's received, and according to no last minute changes. Certainly, the announcement which started this thread has focused my mind on the need of North Koreans to hear the gospel, and be set free to serve the Lord openly.

The only North Korean Christian I ever met was many years ago, married to a UK citizen. She and other ex-pats who are not at home, have been praying for decades, that something will happen to give her people freedom from real fear and real oppression. This opportunity for a famous American Christian to speak publicly, is very much an answer to their prayers.

If we could just get our eyes of the short-term issues, and onto God's long term plan to have North Koreans from this generation in His Bride, perhaps we could work on [u]our lack of faith[/u] in His power and judgment, rather than on crossing our t s and dotting the i s of our theology and our ungodly allegiance to men (whether we think they are of God and cruising, or, deserving of His bruising for their seemingly overt compromises).

A prayer

Lord, we [u]do[/u] [i]believe[/i] You are bringing Your will to pass in all our lives as we seek You and trust Your revelation to our hearts. We love Your ability to upset the apple-cart of our favoured theologies, and thank You for returning us again and again to Your written word, and Jesus, the living Word, Who is ever ready to reveal Himself to those who will look to Him for life and for eternal life. We desire Your glory in this tiny corner of Your creation.... both this thread, and North Korea .... where You already have Your people, imploring Your intervention for respite from persecution, freedom to evangelise and peace for the hearts of those who would know You if they heard. Please prepare the way for Rick Warren and those who will go with him, in these last days, and soften the hearts of those who will hear him, to hear [b]You[/b] as they listen. May there be genuine excitement and anticipation at this forthcoming event, and may Your Spirit be outpoured without measure on the day, overwhelming opposition, and curiously calming those with the power to kill, that they may be rendered harmless to those who begin to believe.

Thank you, Lord.


 2006/7/12 10:05

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Santa Cruz California


I do not understand, how it is that a man can teach a man centered gospel, and this is alright with the majority who have been posting on here. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the Gospel renunciation of self, and rising to Christ's life in you? Also, how many of us have actually read the book? Isn't it interesting that if Joel Osteen was going many here would tear him apart because he preaches a man centered gospel, yet RW is untouchable? Thye preach the same thing which is not much different than Norman Vincent Peale, and Robert Shuler's message of self. You are wonderful, you have meaning, you have a purpose, your dreams are important, you can improve yourself. Sounds an awful lot like "I will ascend into heaven, I will be like the Most High" doesn't it.
Someone brought up a valid point earlier in this discussion about how Kim Yong has declared himself to be god, and I highly doubt RW will say anything to discredit that. It is hard to see this happening, but are we really buying this? A man who heralds Bono as a Christian, and promotes not only a man centered message, but a strictly social gospel, and we're saying that this will bring revival in North Korea? Look at the men and women who have tread the path to preach in Asia in the past. Men like John Sung, Samuel Lamb, Jonathan Goforth, Hudson Taylor, etc. Their message dealt with sin, repentance, and renouncing of sin. Not let's all see how we can do away with poverty, and sickness, and hunger, and set up heaven on Earth.
As far as the Emerging Church within my hometown, I want no part of it. They are simply a bridge into the Roman Catholic Church. They promote prayer labrynths which are from Eastern Mysticism, they pray to icons, they even had the stations of the cross set up downtown at Easter time. Last time I looked we are Protestants, and there is a reason for that. Nothing has changed as the Roman Catholic system has not changed their goal of world domination under the guise of Christ and His kingdom.
If any of the things that I have said are in question, pm me, or e-mail me, and I will be more than happy to provide evidence of these things.

patrick heaviside

 2006/7/12 12:57Profile

 Re: Chris JD

you wrote:

Brother Bartle,


Kim Jong Il reached out to Rick Warren because he's the most well known world wide preacher.

But how do you know this brother?

I say is in humility, to you Chris, I just know.

It would be like me trying to explain which way the wind will blow next, or for me to describe what woodsmoke smells like.

This man, Kim Jong Il is reaching out, he's not as sophisticated or even as nefarious as we think, Rick Warren is known worldwide as a Christian pastor, preacher, thinker, etc Kim lets it be known that he wants to hear what this "messenger" has to say. Pray for this messenger.

May God bless the soul of Harry Truman, but did you know that Ho Chi Minh wrote President Truman SEVEN letters right after WW2 imploring the President to speak to the French, as the Vietnamese people desired independence and that Ho believed that World War Two was fought against colonial fascism so that the victorious U.S. could run the table and help those so oppressed by colonial rulers.

Tragically the President never even registered receipt of these letters. How many lives would have been saved. I put on one of my suits the other day, in the collar it said "made in Vietnam".

As followers of Jesus, our duty is communicate and live out Love, because what those who need Jesus will see and hear in our voices is HIS LOVE.

Kim Jong Il is reaching out for Jesus, pray for this end, don't doubt.


 2006/7/12 14:03

 Re: to IWantAnguish

in all love and respect I say to you:


satan wants to divide the church with these baseless arguments, "I follow Paul, I follow Cephas"......

sir or madam, this thread has nothing to do with Rick Warren and in the Name of of Jesus I ask you to stop.......this thread is praying that the rulers and the people of North Korea will be allowed to hear a Gospel message...

Dont worry about purpose driven this or that, once Christian workers are let into that beleagured nation, the South Korean church which is Spirit-filled holiness living will take care of the rest of the evangelization of North Korea with the strength of God behind them......

it will be Bibles, written in hangul that will be flooding North Korea, not the purpose driven life. To own even a page of a Bible in North Korea means a death camp.

I'm begging you, get on your knees and ask God to whose WHOEVER to preach the Gospel of Christ to the leadership of North Korea. Do that for Jesus, please

 2006/7/12 14:13

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