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Edmonton, AB, Canada


Hi guys,

I have to agree with n7rooivalk7n when he says that the seed that fell NOT on good soil is people that never got saved but have the appearance of salvation. If you are saved you will (or should) have the lifestyle and the fruits to prove it.

Earlier you mentioned that the Laodicean CHURCH was dull and sitting on the fence but still saved. If Jesus said that he was going to spew them out of his mouth, do you still consider that 'being saved'? How can you dabble in worldiness AND in the heavenlies? Didn't Jesus say that if you're not for me, you're against me?...making them an enemy of God? How can they serve two masters???

Brad Wright

 2006/7/6 13:14Profile

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South Africa


Good comments and testimonies that you guys gave there!

I can't agree more with the thought that we should die to ourselves. I too can testify of occations in my life, after my salvation where I made big mistakes and tried to make it up God. With my lips I would say that I know it's the grace of God that saves me, but with my heart I wanted to proove something.

The graceful gift of salvation is so tremendous that we can sometimes fall in the trap of trying to contribute to it. But wrongly so! We just have to receive it! Accept it! You can compare it to a dad giving his kid a birthday present and the kid being so impressed by the present that he wants to pay his dad for it. Any dad would be grieved even at the thought of it!

How love and grace don't complement each other!
Be blessed!

One last thing. Any thoughts on Rom 8 and the powerful salvation work brought about by the Spirit of God, versus a carnal conversion that can never last? It is the Spirit of God that makes us alive.

Love you guys and love this forum!


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