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 A Mild and Healing Ray -Tozer


A Mild and Healing Ray

We naturally shy away from superlatives and from comparisons that praise one virtue at the expense of another, yet I wonder whether there is on earth anything as exquisitely lovely as a brilliant mind aglow with the love of God. Such a mind sheds a mild and healing ray that can actually be felt by those who come near it. Virtue goes forth from it and blesses those who merely touch the hem of its garment. One has, for instance, but to read The Celestial Country, by Bernard of Cluny, to understand what I mean. There a sensitive and shining intellect warm with the fire of the in-living Spirit writes with a vast and tender sympathy of those longings for immortality that have dwelt deep in the human breast since the first man kneeled down upon the earth out of whose bosom he came and into whose bosom he must soon return again. For loftiness of concept, for sheer triumph of the Christian spirit over mortality, for ability to rest the soul and raise the mind to rapturous worship its equal is hardly found anywhere in uninspired literature. I submit it as my respectful opinion that this single hymn may have ministered more healing virtue to distressed spirits than all the writings of secular poets and philosophers since the art of writing was invented. No unblessed intellect, however sure its genius, would be remotely capable of producing such a work. One closes the book after reading it with the feeling, yes the solemn conviction, that he has heard the voice of the cherubim and the sound of harpers strumming beside the sea of God.

We want out intellects to glow with Your love, Father, so that we might draw others to You.

Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak.
—Matthew 9:20

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