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 Southern Baptists reaffirm prohibition against alcohol


New York (ENI). The Southern Baptist Convention, the biggest Protestant denomination in the United States, has said no one who drinks "alcoholic beverages" should belong to any denominational trustee board.

"The use of alcohol as a beverage can and does impede our testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ," said Jim Richards, executive director of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, at the denomination's 13-14 June annual meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina.

An amendment successfully moved by Richards at the Greensboro meeting urged the exclusion of Southern Baptists who drink from election to the convention's boards and committees. The resolution is not binding on the 16.2-million-member denomination. Supporters of the action contended it was necessary because some Christians wrongly believed that Scripture allowed them to drink, the Baptist Press news service reported.

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 Re: Southern Baptists reaffirm prohibition against alcohol

I'm shocked that they didn't have the audacity to say as well that if you wish to be in any leadership role, you cannot be drinking alcohol. (Struggling with it and trying to get over it is a different issue.)

I was once apart of a (modern) church that was apart of the Southern Baptist Convention, and they did not believe that alcohol was "bad" to drink, casually of course. The Pastor believed this too. I think it's pretty safe to say that you can see a parallel between the emergent/modern church and compromise.

I have more respect for the uptight, 'traditional' Baptist church than I do for your typical modern Baptist church. This includes other denominations as well.


 2006/6/22 20:03

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guys it is not sin to drink, but simply to get drunk.

other wise Jesus would have been a sinner, and a person who made other to sin.

Be wise in your statements. i dont drink personaly.

a more biblicaly correct statement would be to ask "why drink"? for what purpose?

and my argument is that "it is better not to drink alchohol" rather than saying "it is sin to drink".

ciao. God bless u all!

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When I was in prison the guys used to bring back food from chow so that they could make "hooch". The fella who made the best "hooch" had gotten four years incarceration because he had had so many drunk driving arrests. One night one of his cronies got more than a snoot full and stabbed him to death with a comb that had been sharpened into a shiv. This is only one of many horrific stories that I can tell you from my personal life, and if the consequences of alcohol bondage have not touched your life just read the paper. Listen, I am not trying to decry the moderate use of wine or other mixers, but there is absolutely no reason for strong whisky and such. I just wonder if while you are on your way to gather with that popular crowd in a bar or club, do you realize that you have the Holy Spirit of the Living GOD in you. It should posess you totally,... but you need a drink!? It amazes me as I prepare for a Celebrate Recovery training seminar this weekend that it is still an issue for Christians whether or not they should drink. The Bible says that "wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging" or as another version states: " beer is a brawler". Please, Child of God, be courageous and come out from among them. No one should ever even have to hesitate a milisecond when considering whether or not you are a Christian, or as the new vernacular states: a Christ Follower. This is almost certainly a must in our American culture where everything is permitted that as Christians we abstain from strong drink as examples to our peers. I am not speaking about a smug self righteousness, but a sense of devotion and consecration because you are the bond slave of the Most High GOD. I hope that you receive this in the spirit in which it was intended. Grace and Peace to you as you endeavor to please Him!


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