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 judgement seat of christ

at the judgement seat of christ all who are in the grave shall rise rev 20.....even adam? and is adam in a ressurected body or is he in the spirit? hey mike god bless you havent talked with your for a long you you!

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 Re: judgement seat of christ

Hi Welcome (LEWIS316) I am glad you have joined the site. I hope God blesses you in a powerful way through the resources on the site and discussions.

at the judgement seat of christ all who are in the grave shall rise rev 20.....even adam?

hmm thats an intresting question. I believe so, even Adam, I will try and find a verse on that.

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 Re: judgement seat of christ

Almost missed this one!

This is my dear brother in the Lord.
A fearless man when it comes to evangelism, he would preach to an ant if he could be saved!

Praise God brother, so glad you dropped by.
There is so much here, Lew!
So many great hearts after the Lord.
Have learned so much, been so blessed, encouraged, challenged, convicted...
Still the same spaz, attempting to devour books by the truck load :-D Some things never change...
Pray that you find some hearts out there in St.Louis.
Be strong in the Lord.

Miss you my friend!
Keep in touch.

P.S. Good question...

Mike Balog

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 Re: judgement seat of christ

I'm not sure I understand the question, why wouldn't Adam be raised physically? He too was in need of salvation and he died physically as well as spiritually like everyone else so it would stand to reason that he too is in need of total redemption which does include the redemption of the body in the resurrection. God is no respecter of persons so why give some sort of preferential treatment to Adam?


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