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 Fallen Away? Backslidding?

If so I encourage you to listen to these 2 messages below with a close ear and respond to God. If you aren't still they are good messages to hear and listen to very carefully that God may safe guard your heart from the decietfulness of sin:

[b]When the Godly Fall by Keith Daniel[/b]

[b]How To Experience Personal Revival by Andrew Strom[/b]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Fallen Away? Backslidding?

Keith Daniel is very good and compassionate here. Until I heard this message I thought I was a second class Christian cos of the way I had fallen, though afterwards I got right with God. I believed cos I had done something bad as a Christian, though I could be forgiven, I somehow had a black mark which prevented me from getting all that God wanted for me. It's as if I fell off one ladder and God helped me onto a shorter ladder. After listening to Keith I see it is a lie I listened to and that God's Mercy is available even to a sinner like me!

Praise God, there is hope for me still!

I'll now listen to Andrew Storm...


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 Re: Fallen Away? Backslidding?

I have a heart for the backslidden among us because I have disgraced the Lord incalculably through my years of backsliding.

Returning to Him is only possible because He is drawing us back to Himself. There are many verses to support this.

I was reading Nehemiah the other day. When I came to chapter 9, by the end of the chapter my eyes were overflowing with tears reading the accounts of God's faithfulness in not forsaking His people.

Nehemiah 9:17 But you are a forgiving God, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. Therefore you did not desert them (or me, or you, either). Read Nehemiah 9 and count the number of times that God completely turns His back on His people. Zero.

There are a lot of people viewing this post, and not too many responding. Yet, I know a lot - if not most of us - have turned away from God. I was here yesterday, and downloaded and listened to both sermons because they speak directly to where I have been at times in my relationship (or lack thereof) with the Lord. Both messages are great, and should be listened to by more Christians (though they might not care to admit their need).

When I started coming back to the Lord, Sermon indexes audio sermons were some of the first things God used to soften my heart and bring me back to Himself.

Here's another audio sermon I found that deals with this topic available at SI.

God Doesn't Give Up on Children Who Fall by David Wilkerson

And here's a text sermon from Richard Owen Roberts called, "Backsliding".

Does anyone know of any other great sermons here at SI to help convict, correct, and ultimately, comfort the backslider?



J. Buzza

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I've been Gomer much of my life and love this verse from Hosea 14 [b]"I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him."[/b]

We have a sermon on our website today that is one of my favorites and it's entitled "The Bitterness of a Hard Heart." It's available here at []Living Water[/url]

Thank you for sharing this Jeffrey.

Oh how God wants to pour our this precious gift of repentance, if we won't harden our hearts and just surrender to Him.

Ed Pugh

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 Re: Fallen Away? Backslidding?

Have you failed God recently?
Do you think that you cannot serve Him anymore, that you are not worthy?
Do you doubt His forgiveness?
Do you cry in your heart with sorrow about what you have done?
Do you think that God cannot accept you anymore?

I believe every christian have felt this in some time or other in his christian walk.
Yes there is a hope.
Study the life of Petar, study the relationship of our Lord Jesus and Petar. What encouragement was to me when I found in Mark these [b]two words[/b]:

[i]But go your way, tell his disciples [b]and Peter[/b] that he goeth before you into Galilee: there shall ye see him, as he said unto you.
Mark 16:7[/i]

One of the sermons that I heard many times was:

[b]Walking in the light by Oswald Smith [/b]

Defenitely here was the article from Zan Poonen - [url=]God's Perfect Plan For Those Who Have Failed[/url]

Also I would like to add one more sermon by Keith Daniel, beside the one that was given by Greg

[b]The christian race by Keith Daniel[/b]

And greetings with psalm 103 and 145.

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 Re: Fallen Away? Backslidding?

yeah, i believe God is very compassionate towards backsliders, but do you all think you can come to a point in your backsliding where its too late? that you can slide back so deep that your heart is so harden and so blind to truth.


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