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 Greatest Lesson Learned in Street Preaching?

I know that there are other street preachers who roam these woods so I wanted to ask, "what is the greatest lesson you have learned in street preaching?"

This is a point I made in another forum: The key to getting a crowd on the streets, and have it be an autmosphere of conviction is to talk directly to men specificly about their specific sin.

If I'm in a club/bar area, I'll directly address people walking by. "You guys aren't going to get drunk tonight are you?" Or if women are scantly dressed, "please women put some more cloths on." Speak directly to people specificly about their sin.

Do not preach about sin and sinners in general. Do not merely preach to people but preach at them. As Spurgeon said something along the lines of, "I never find it effective to preach to people. You must preach at them!"

I can't stress this point enough. It's one of the most valuable lessons you can learn. Pay very close attention to your preaching to see if you are talking to men about their sin or if you give the impression that you are talking to men about other men and their sin.

Hit the nail directly on the head. Don't beat around the bush. Don't talk about "there are certain people who" but rather "you people". I often will say, "you people" alot because people know I'm talking directly to them. "You people are out here to get drunk" or "Some of you people are looking to fornicate".

This type of "you" preaching is what you will find in the prophets, the gospels, and the book of Acts. Just do a search in the New Testament for the word "you" and see how often it is in the preaching of Jesus and in the Apostles. Jesus so emphasised this that he said often, "For I say unto you" so as to not give the impression that he was talking to others. It would be as a street preacher today saying, "Hey you, I'm talking to you".

Talk directly to specific people directly about their specific sin.

Once you start directly talking to people about their specific sin, gospel sparks are going to fly!

 2006/6/19 20:11

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 Re: Greatest Lesson Learned in Street Preaching?

Hi Jesse and everyone else.

I would like to offer a small point of advice in answering a common response when people are confronted with personal sins, specifically that phrase '[b]everyone[/b] sins' or 'sure, I've done that, [b]everyone does[/b].'

When people say this, I have found it very helpfull to point out that what they are doing is actually making the problem worse. While it may be they are attempting to diffuse personal guilt by spreading the behavior out over a wide area, the area of 'all people' or everyone, it is helpfull to point out that they are actually making the problem worse. I do this by analogy.

Usually I will choose whatever street we are standing on and ask the person to suppose that everyone on this street, extending in a particular direction, has the horrible disease of leprosy. I tell them that would include us as we are on the street, and then I ask them to suppose that, since that is the case, I conclude that it must not be [i][b]so bad[/b][/i] to have leprosy. I ask them then, how they would responde to my reasoning and as often they are thinking about this I tell them how foolish it would be to think that way as it would not change at all how terrible it would be to have the disease and in fact it would make it worse as now more people would have it.

God be with you in all your service for His name's sake.

Ohh, one of the greatest lessons I am learning in sharing the Gospel one2one is not to **strive** (of my own power, personality or pursuasion)to bring conviction but rather to rely completely upon the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to do so.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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By all means, whatever you preach on, preach on Christ. The biggest fear I have with much street preaching that I have heard is that it focuses almost entirely on sin, apologetics, and theatrics to draw a crowd. Such is hardly apsotolic.

I've personally found simply picking up my bible, and opening it to the gospels, and reading them out loud for an extended period of time to yield good results. It's almost inevitable when you do such somebody will make a comment, and then you can minister as God's Spirit leads you.

Jimmy H

 2006/6/19 21:41Profile


When Dealing With Police

When police shut you down for preaching, and attempt to tell you that you are breaking a certain law, make sure you are not arrested.

If you can walk away without being arrested your doing good. As I am talking to police and am inquiring deeper as to what law they say I am breaking and if I can just go stand somewhere else, I intentionally will add an occasional, "I don't want to break any laws" and "I'll deffinately leave if I have to".

I do that because I have learned the more questions you ask, depending on the officer, the more irritated he will get. I've had some cops say, "alright. That's it. I'll just take you to jail." and then change their mind. But this happens if they feel you are challenging them or questioning their authority.

Many officers are poorly trained in free speech issues. Many times they honestly and sincerely believe you are "breaching the preace" or are guilty of "disorderly conduct". So they often have an "I'm doing this guy a favor" attitude. But if they get too irritated or feel you won't listen, they start thinking, "We'll, I won't do this guy any favors. I'll just enforce the law on him."

So as you are asking the officers if you can preach at another location, what law you are breaking, is it because my content is offensive, what will happen if you keep preaching, be sure to add in an occasional, "Well, I'll leave if I have to" to cool them off.

Then, once you have all the information from the police on your recorder, leave and take legal action. Before filing a lawsuit, which could be a long process, you also may just want to go to the police station and talk with the cheif about the situation.

 2006/6/19 22:24

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Charlotte, NC


One thing I have found in dealing with security/police is that usually by the time they get around to confronting me, a crowd has already formed. If they tell me I'm not allowed to preach, after talking to them for a second or two and agreeing not to do open-air, I'll just sit down on the ledge of a wishing well or something and simply began speaking so as to be heard by those immediately around me, and trying to engage them in simple conversation.

A crowd of 20 or so might quickly just become 5-6 people when you do this, but my philosophy is that at least you are still speaking to 5-6 instead of taking a free ride down town or getting kicked off whatever property you might be on, and getting to speak to nobody.

Jimmy H

 2006/6/19 23:30Profile


Charles Finney said “bring up the individuals particular sins. Talking in general terms against sin will produce no results. You must make a man feel that you mean him. A minister, who cannot make his hearers feel that he means them, cannot expect to accomplish much. Some people are very careful to avoid mentioning the particular sins of which they know the individual to be guilty, for fear of hurting his feelings. This is wrong. If you know his history, bring up his particular sins. Kindly, but plainly; not to give offense, but to awaken conscience, and give full force to the truth.” This revivalist goes on to say “Preaching should be direct. The gospel should be preached to men, not about them. The Minster must address his hearers. He must preach to them about themselves, and not leave the impression that he is preaching to them about others, He will never do them any good, further than he succeeds in convincing each individual that he is the person in question.”

 2006/6/21 15:58

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But Lazurus, you'll scare people away if you talk like that! Just kidding. Keep up the good work.

Hal Bachman

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 Re: The permission of the Holy Ghost is in talking to a soul about salvation

[quoe]In Chambers’ estimation, John Cameron was a man who matched the mountain where he lived. The rugged old bachelor lived simply and gave the bulk of his income to the Lord’s work. Cameron entertained hospitably and prayed as regularly and naturally as the sunrise. During one of Chambers’ visits, he and Cameron were out shooting rabbits, accompanied by two dogs. When they reached a heather knoll, the old man suggested they stop for a while and pray.
“We knelt down and he led in prayer,” Chambers wrote of the occasion. “Then I began to pray, but the young collie dog, who had been perfectly quiet during the old man’s prayer, imagined I was meant for nothing but to play with him, and he started careering around, pawing me all over, licking my face and yelping with delight.” Cameron rose from his knees, sternly took the dog by the neck and said, “Hoot, hoot, I will sit on the dog while you pray.” And he did.
A few days later, Cameron took Chambers aside and said, “If you get permission to speak to my ploughman about his soul, do so.” Oswald expressed surprise that Cameron had not spoken to the man himself, because he had watched the old farmer speak about Jesus to all sorts of people.
“My laddie,” Cameron replied, “[b]if you don’t know what the permission of the Holy Ghost is in talking to a soul about salvation, you know nothing about the Holy Ghost[/b].”
[i]Chambers, O. (1958; 2002). Abandoned to God. Marshall Morgan and Scott.[/i]

Has anyone ever heard of this? I know the Keith Daniel mentioned it it [url=]The Testimony of Will MacFarlane[/url] and put it in an "Open Air" context. How does this affect the kind of "Technique Style" evangelism styles like WDJD, for example? Is there any scrpitural basis behind this, and if so, what is it?

Aaron Ireland

 2006/6/22 11:38Profile


A great man once told me a story about Duncan Campbell. Duncan had a vision that he was on a ship. The ship landed and he get off and started walking the streets. He saw that the entire town, or at least large amounts of people, were all rushing to an open air meeting. The crowds were so large that he could not even see the preacher. But he could hear the Word of God being preached.

After a while the meeting ended and the people all dispearsed. Duncan then saw who was preaching. On the box preaching was the devil. In anger Duncan rushed up to the devil and said, "What are you doing preaching the Word of God!" to which the devil replied, "Duncan, don't you know that my greatest weapon is preaching the word of God without the anointing of God?"

For those of you who preach, pray and fast for the anointing. For those of you who do not preach, pray and fast for those who do.

 2006/6/22 21:11

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 Re: our role or the Spirit

"Duncan, don't you know that my greatest weapon is preaching the word of God without the anointing of God?"
For those of you who preach, pray and fast for the anointing.

I wonder, do we pray for the anointing, or do we pray for God to help us be sensitive to his timing - when he anoints us with just the right words, actions, courage, or anything else we need for the occasion.

A chick developing in its egg has its proper time to hatch. To pry it out of the shell ahead of time and expose it to the elements is to kill it. Surely, it is not good to pry one into new birth, ahead of the right timing.

Perhaps it is best to consider ourselves as follower of Christ first - ahead of any specific role he has assigned us. For it is not our role, but the Spirit that determines how we minister to others.



 2006/6/22 22:15Profile

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