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 On Repentance -Tertullian

[b]On Repentance[/b]

God hates the wicked everyday. He sharpens His sword, He has bent and strung His bow; He has prepared His deadly weapons; He has readied flaming arrows.

'Is it so difficult to understand that the love of God, is the answer to broken contrite repentant sinners' cry for mercy ?

To convict of sin, to cause the sinner to see that he has been an open, defiant, willful, rebel against God. This generation of preachers has taught sin as a disease, opposed to how God treats it, a crime of the human spirit. You can be convinced of danger, if you're told your parents had a disease, and it was congenitally transmitted to you, and you can regret having had such an unfortunate choice of parents, and you can feel yourself in jeopardy, but you cannot feel yourself guilty !

We have failed to advertise the fact that God deals with men as rebels, as criminals, as traitors, as anarchists, as transgressors, that sin is a crime. That it is the sovereign work of the Spirit of God through the right and proper and skillful use of the Word of God, to cause a sinner to understand that he is justly deserving of the justice that is pronounced upon him.' (Paris Reidhead)

How can we be found, when we admit we were never lost ?

How can we be saved, when we were never dead ?

How can we appreciate what God has saved us from, when we never knew that we were dead in sin ?

How can we understand grace, without first understanding God's righteousness ?

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