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 Re: Questionable song - Be magnified

the wonderfull instruments and [b]ear candy[/b]. But the real question is does it really glorify God?

I'm not trying to be legalistic, but I do think we should be careful what we take into our ears. It is a doorway to our soul and will have an effect on us in some way. Either positive or negative.

I was hooked on rock music before I was saved but found that I could no longer enjoy this type of worldy music after my conversion. I think music is one of the most powerful forces on this earth and can be either used for good or evil.

'ear candy'...... I love that phrase.... 8-)

Very good points you have made. Many years ago, I promised the Lord to sing only for Him. I've noticed the difference that made to my worship and prayer life, too. I never regretted such a commitment, and did not find it hard to keep. I think this is one reason I've had plenty of time to test the usefulness of worship songs to my spirit, and the truth is, that even as a much younger Christian, I knew what was feeding me and what wasn't.

I feel the leadership sometimes doesn't give the Holy Spirit credit for witnessing the truth to believers, of whether a song or hymn brings them closer to God. I'm not talking about musical style. Who ever heard of a truly spiritual and godly composition, being abrasive to the open spirit? It is not about style, if the style was approved by God. But style becomes [i]everything[/i], if people have to be reached on a cultural level, before they will even begin to start listening to the Lord's whisper in their heart.

 2006/6/28 10:36

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Who ever heard of a truly spiritual and godly composition, being abrasive to the open spirit? It is not about style, if the style was approved by God. But style becomes everything, if people have to be reached on a cultural level, before they will even begin to start listening to the Lord's whisper in their heart.

You have touched on a very excellent point. The difficulty with much modern contemporary Christian music is it is based on a false premise that one must reach a person culturally before he can be reached spiritually.

"Attract them by the music and then grab them by the words," is the premise.

I like the little booklet by Watchman Nee called, "Deep calls unto deep". In it he shows how only what flows from our depths can touch the depths of another. Only what is from the Spirit in our spirit can touch the spirit of another and only what flows out from the deep recesses of our being can touch anothers' inner being.

All the music, all the methods, all the proper words cannot touch another's inner man. Only what flows from the Spirit in our spirit can inpart Life to another's spirit.

We don't need a certian kind of music to touch people in their soul to attract them to Christ. We need people who live in their spirit, are full of Christ and who have the deep experiences of Christ who can impart Life to others.

And any song or hymn which is not born of the deep and rich experiences of Christ, and which does not express the truth accurately and cohesively is of no spiritual value no matter how much "religious emotion" it may stirr up.

I had personally rather listen to real rock and roll and find it less offensive than contemporary "Christain rock and roll". At least the one is genuine and honest and not trying to pass itself off as something it is not.

But trying to appeal to the flesh of young people then tryng to slide the "gospel" in is a false way and not approved by God. And it is amazing how wattered down and worldly the gospel "slid in" actually is.


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We have allowed theology to drive us away from the very purpose of our worship HIM.

I really don't believe that according to the Bible, worshipping God is the purpose of our existance.

God had in the angels those who would worship Him and do His bidding. But His purpose in creating man was much greater than this.

After creating all things there was a pause and a conference among the Godhead. "Let us make man in Our image and according to Our likeness". In the image of God created he Him, male and female created He them". "And God breathed into him the breath of life and man become a living soul".

God's eternal Purpose in creating man was to create him in His own image and likeness with a human spirit akin to God to be able to receive God as Life through eating of the Tree of Life and to contain God and express God.

As redeemed, regenerated, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are much more than forgiven creatures created to worship God. No, we are children of God, born of His Life, partakers of His nature, being conformed to the image of the First Born Son of God by the indwelling Spirit of God to be His many sons brought into glory.

As creatures we worship God as our Creator, but as redeemed, regenerated children of God we worship God as our Father and our Source of Life. And in worshiping Him we partake of Him and find His life wrought in our being conforming us to His own image, lost in the fall, recovered in Christ and worked into us by the Spirit.

The difficulty with most the Christain worship music I hear is that it is the worship of a creature to his creator, for his power, mercy, ect. But nothing of the worship of sons to their Father who share in His Life through and in Christ and partake of His nature and who enjoy Him as their indwelling Life.

The fatherhood of God is held in a kind of general sense but nothing of the specific and real and genuine relationship of children to their Father who have His Life and His nature and who are being transformed into His image ultimatley to be like him both inwardly and outwardly and fully constituted with His life and nature to be His many sons.

Worship is not the end or the purose of our existance. Rather it is the proper relationship we have to God as both creature and as redeemed regenerated sons of God. But worship is not the end but the means to the end which is God having His eternal expression in man.

This purpose was frustrated by Satan, but recovered in Christ and consumated in the New Jerusalem which is the eternal Divine/human incorporation, the tabernacle of God, the city of God, the Wife of the Lamb and the eternal expresssion of God having His glory.

This is our hope and our present reality. And we need our eyes opened to know the riches of His inheritence in the Saints and the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe. And to know the end to which He is working in us. That is, to work Christ into us, to constitute us with Christ to make us the same as He is in life and nature but not in the Godhead.

That, in the end, "We shall be like Him because we shall see Him as He is..."


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