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Hey, y'all! we still sing that way!! Except we do not have a piano...In our church we sing a cappella with four part harmony being sung. Why don't you try it? Might have to have a singing school where people are taught to read music and sing it...can be used to be done and I have heard of churches still doing it and they have great congregational singing. Methinks it is a whole lot prettier then hearing a few people up front doing your singing. I love to sing and the older I get the less I enjoy hearing the [church] music performed by others.

The old songs/hymns that were popular 100 years ago have a profound message that is lacking in modern music. The lyrics are so shallow, like: See Dick run, see Dick run fast, Run fast, Run fast, see Dick run. Duh! Or maybe people are no longer capable of thinking?

Just my opinion....BTW, in case you think I do not enjoy instrumentals, I can play three musical instruments but not good enough for any public service...done just for my own pleasure.


Sandra Miller

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