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I know you must not have intended to be pious or insulting in your post. I forgive you. May I suggest that in the future you take care in making assumptions about others simply based on a one-dimensional post. I simply posed a query that was in no way intended to reflect my entire walk with God.

In this instance, to correct your false assumption, I can assure you that the Bible is already our primary source of study. How could it not be? There is nothing wrong with using the writings of devout Christians to help illuminate the scripture. I would hate to think I would ever be so close-minded or unwilling to learn from my fellow Christians--both those who have gone before me and those living today. I believe the more we are open to examining the word of God from a variety of angles the more we open up our hearts and mind for God to reveal himself to us.

There is no difference between reading the writings of someone annointed by God and sitting in a service and hearing someone who is annointed speak what God has revealed to them. I want to stand on the shoulders of these giants and learn from the lessons God has taught them especially if it helps me draw closer to God.


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