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 Re: How does God discipline us?

The most painful discipline when God simply removes his presence from my life.

Yet for many, this is not painful at all. How many go through life with very little awareness his distancing. Life seems to be working just fine (better, than if he were stirring things up)

It is not hard to find substitutes for God which give god-like experiences, that make one feel close to the divine.

When Samuel was a child, God’s voice was rarely heard because of apostasy. Even the spiritual leader, Eli, was so hardened to the voice of God that God had to use a child to speak to him.

Today, many are so calloused to spiritual realities that if God were to talk to them in a still small voice,they wouldn’t even notice. So God uses “louder” methods.

Now, I’d like to address the original question of the post. How does God discipline us? So far, all the responses seem to have a “punishment” flavor. Yet “discipline” means TEACH, not punish. Indeed,
sometimes a slap on the wrist is the only way we will “get it”. I’ve had several of those. Yet, there are countless other ways that God is involved in our lives constantly teaching us his ways, constantly drawing us to him and making us more sensitive to him. For me, he has done that in many ways - revelatory experiences, the still small voice, scriptures, prayers, through songs, through words from others (including my perceptive children), various experiences, trials, SI, and many, many other ways. God has the entire universe at his disposal.



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 Re: How does God discipline us

Not to be read: Just an old man's rambling mind.

There is not doubt that there are reasons why God disciplines us and what the results are of such discipline, but exactly how God disciplines us is perhaps a little more of a mystery than we realize. I keep thinking of Peter who denied Jesus three times, and the bit about Satan wanting to sift Him, and that Jesus had prayed that his faith should remain....(xcuse me I am a little tired, and wondered if Job, and Moses, King David and so many other examples in the Old Testament of men and women who were discipline by God to bring about more fruit, you know where Jesus talks about the Father pruning us etc...just jammin', see whatcha got..peace Aeryck)

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