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 A couple of observations

I was browsing through the poll section of the forum and two polls caught my eye in a way they had not done before.

The poll on the signs of Jesus' second coming is pretty interesting. I think the two most important signs are left out of the poll: His resurection and His ascension back to the Father.

His resurection is the capstone of all prophecy. Because He was raised from the dead, we can know that all of His promises are true. His claims are all validated.

And the promise given about His ascension. Because He went to the Father, He said He would come back for us. Once again validated by the resurection, the risen Jesus promised his disciple He would return. They lived and waited for His return as though He would come back soon, and so should we live in such a way, with such a hope. The fact that He didn't return soon, doesn't lesson the fact, or dampen the hope that He will return. We have His promise, and that's good enough.

The second poll is that on whether we will see one last great revival or not. I think it's totally possible for us to see it, if at least in our own hearts. But I also believe that it's happening right. It's just not happening in the western world.

Christianity is growing at a phenominal rate. The press would have us believe that Islam is taking over, well they're wrong. Christianity is spreading throughout many countries without guns or threats, but through changed hearts. It's not even using all the latest technology, but is moving accross nations on pennies-and TBN thinks all they need is another satelite.

I think the question should be will Europe and North America see another revival. I personally think we can, because I know that God is certainly willing and able to save "even to the uttermost." As Duncan Campbell would say, "Are we willing to do what it takes."

The fact that there is no revival in my community reflects, not on the people, but on me and the other Christians that live here. Am I not living right? Am I not praying enough or with faith? Do I really believe God can save the local bar owner? Or do I even care about him enough to share the gospel? Is there sin in my life?

The ball is in my court. The scriptures say that if I will humble myself, repent from my sins, and seek the Lord, then He would hear and heal. I know there is a time when a people cross the line and judgement must come, but I also know there are Josiah's who come along and belay that judgement for a while so that mercy can work in as many hearts as possible.

Are we willing to do what it will take?

Jeremy Hulsey

 2004/1/8 12:35Profile

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 Re: A couple of observations

Hi Hulsey
I am fascinated by your signature. Spurgeon never ceases to amaze me. Did he really say that? Can you tell me where I can find it?

Ron Bailey

 2004/1/8 16:08Profile

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