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I have found in the preface to the KJV many things which set aside and contradict the claims and religious superstition of those who hold it to be the translation endorsed by the Apostles (-:

In it the translates say, "We did not set out to make a perfect translation but to make a good translation better.

In it they defend the use of alternate marginal renderings saying that what is essential is clear but other things are not so clear and should be left up to the dicerniment of the readers, etc.

And their arguments for producing the Translation are against the same arguments which now adays oppose any new translation.

In other words, in that day, they came under fire from the supersticious religious mindset for undertaking to make a new translation and they argued for the need to translate the scriptures into the "vulgar tounges".

Our problem is our propencity to make an alter and venerate something which is of God in the past. Indeed this translation was a blessing from God in that age. But we do well to look to the same God in the present, to apply the same principles of translation and to render the sacred writings in the vulgar tounges of our own time.


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I think this is the most helpful contribution to this perpetual topic for many a moon... ;-)

Ron Bailey

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