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 Pray for Ian - saved tonight

Please pray for a guy I know, Ian. I gave him the Gospel a few weeks ago and left him with a bible and some CD's (Freedon and Keep listening).

He spent a few weeks searching and in his old life (drugs and fights) and at the weekend was arrested. But this brought him to his senses.

He called me tonight to tell me he had been on hin knees before God asking Him to deal with his sin and give him new life.

I chatted for about an hour and I am sure he has made a true conversion. I left him saying he will carry on reading the bible (tonight) and I will be encouraging him along the narrow path as much as God allows.

I'm happy he knows all the 'information' he needs, and it's a case of putting it into action, when he's learned from the bible what he needs for his foundation, I'm sure God will put him in a church that will help him to grow.

I've promised him some more cd's and may be a book or two, but I don't want to get in the way of his prayer and bible study.

Please pray for him, difficult times are ahead.
And I will need wisdom too as I'm just a saved sinner to help him along.




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 Re: Pray for Ian - saved tonight

Glory to God and thank you Jesus

Mike Androne

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 Re: Pray for Ian - saved tonight

Please pray for him, difficult times are ahead

Ah, but also precious times learning more about the height, depth and breadth of God's love! When fighting, cussing sinners come to the end of thier rope and discover the forgiveness and grace of the Lord through friends like you, they can often make for the most transformed lives!

We'll pray for his care in the Lord, as well as your continued grace in love and wisdom as his faithful friend.

Blessings brother,


Mike Compton

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 Re: Pray for Ian - saved tonight

Hi allhavsinned...

I am praying for Ian.



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