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 John Stott

I recently purchase a book by John Stott, 'The Cross of Christ.' I had never heard of him before. I found the book both spiritually edifying and intellectually satisfying.

I googled his name and found he was involved with the ecumenical movement with the RCC. A former catholic myself, this gave me pause. However the book is excellent.

To those who know about Stott or read this book -- do you have any thoughts on 'The Cross of Christ' or Stott's teachings. His ecumenical leanings trouble me, do they detract from this book. I plan the read the book again.


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 Re: John Stott

I thought Stott was Anglican? I could be wrong though.

George Verwer is a BIG fan of John Stott, and that is saying a lot.

I actually have "the cross of Christ" on my reading list.

Lastly, John Stott was one of the greatest defenders who stood strong when liberalism was at its highest peak among evangelical Christianity.

Most people have just never heard about him, because he's british! If he was american he would be HUGE here in America.


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John Stott is a anglican right now and believes in anhilation in hell. Other then that a few other small things he is very orthadox and biblical in his doctrine and is a great bible teacher in the foundation basics of the bible. I have found some of his simple discipleship books excellent spiritually edifying reading.

Some of his [b]audio sermons[/b] can be accessed here:

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 Re: check audio

Greg, do you mind checking the audio sermon for 2 Tim. pt 1. It won't download.

Also, the videos seem to be only the first 6 minutes of the message.


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