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 I need used Cd Players

I have a CD minestry. I have been blessed with a Cd on true repentance I burn this and add different types of christian music to go with the messeage depending on who the Cd will be sent to I have sent copies to every crack cocaine and dope dealer in our small community. I give tapes to everyone the lord puts in my path. From this I have seen many miracles people are stirred by the word of God. Some have givin their hearts to the Lord One dope dealer tryed to give me money for the minestry he said no one ever gave him the word and he wanted to help in the only way he could.I also run off Cds to fit a problem in follow believers Smith Wigglesworth & Kathryn Khulman have become powerful tools. Recently I have ran into a small problem I feel the Lord wants me to share this with the saints here on sermon index. Some of the eldery and low income people I have recently went to do not have Cd players this has greatly hindered our work. I have fully funded the Cds with the help of Jesus. I can not afford to buy Cd players and do not find many at rummage sales or flea markets If any one would have Cd players they do not want I would see that they are put to a good use. People are hungry for the word of God. The bible says my word will not return void. I believe this with all my heart. As of today I have burned 150 copies of the Cd The Answer, from this 17 people have gave thier lives to Jesus and many more have been touched If any one can help in this my address is... Flock of the North, 513 West Walsh Blvd.,Vandalia MO. 63382 God bless Kathy Feather

Kat Feather

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 Re: I need used Cd Players

what is "the answer"? is it on SI? if so, who gave it?


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Can I ask what the CD on true repentance is? Is it available online?

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 Re: I need used Cd Players

Hi katdan,

What a wonderful ministry! Perhaps someone here knows of an alternative or has suggestions. Will do some digging as well.

And why used players and not new? Throw that out as a challenge...

Mike Balog

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