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 Unbegotten Love! -Tozer


Unbegotten Love!

In the poetical works of Frederick Faber I have found a hymn to the Holy Spirit that I would rank among the finest ever written, but so far as I know it has not been set to music, or if it has, it is not sung today in any church with which I am acquainted. Could the reason be that it embodies personal experience of the Holy Spirit so deep, so intimate, so fiery hot that it corresponds to nothing in the hearts of the worshipers in present-day evangelicalism? I quote three stanzas:

Fountain of Love! Thyself true God!
Who through eternal days
From Father and from Son hast flowed
In uncreated ways!

I dread Thee, Unbegotten Love!
True God! sole Fount of Grace!
And now before Thy blessed throne
My sinful self abase.

O Light! O Love! O very God
I dare no longer gaze
Upon Thy wondrous attributes
And their mysterious ways.

These lines have everything to make a great hymn, sound theology, smooth structure, lyric beauty, high compression of profound ideas and a full charge of lofty religious feeling. Yet they are in complete neglect. I believe that a mighty resurgence of the Spirit's power among us will open again wells of hymnody long forgotten. For song can never bring the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit does invariably bring song.

O Light, O Love, O very God, Holy Spirit, bring a new song to our hearts!

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
—2 Corinthians 3:17

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 Re: Unbegotten Love! -Tozer

For song can never bring the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit does invariably bring song.

This is an interesting saying that runs counter to much modern praise and worship. It is commonly believed in my circles that singing hymns of praise invites the 'presence of God'. In that, God [i]inhabits[/i] the praises of Israel'. Not only that, but as David sang and played upon his instrument demons departed from Saul, etc. It would be interesting to understand more of what he means here.

A commonly sung hymn says:


Welcome into this place,
welcome into this broken vessel.
You desire to abide
in the praises of Your people;
so we lift our hands,
and we lift our hearts,
as we offer up this praise unto Your name.

Creation declares Your glory
and the universe declares Your majesty;
yet You choose to abide
in the praises of Your people,
so we offer up this praise unto Your name.

Robert Wurtz II

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