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 Most Impacting Sermon You've Ever Heard?

For myself it has been Christ's Call to Follow Him by KP Yohannan.

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 Re: Most Impacting Sermon You've Ever Heard?

How Great a Salvation and Christ Explains the Law by Paris Reidhead. I remember listening to Christ Explains the Law and feeling like a trumpet was sounding in my heart causing walls to fall. It is well worth the time to listen to these.

In His Faithful hand,

Ruth Westbrook

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 Re: Most Impacting Sermon You've Ever Heard?

Hell's Best Kept Secret

... a message given by Ray Comfort which explains the nescessity and use of the moral Law, the Ten Commandments in evangelisim. I would say without a doubt that this message has had the most impact and influence thus far upon on my Christian life and its influence continues to this day.

I'm greatfull to have found out Hell's Best Kept Secret!


Christopher Joel Dandrow

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For me, it was under a Gospel Tent in Harrison Arkansas in 1979(or then about).

The young evangelist, Ron Ricley, preached about Joseph's dungeon.

The message was about the struggle of Joseph's life and when the final call came to leave the dungeon how Joseph must have worshipped God and not just hopped up and scooted over to the palace.

I was so profoundly moved. I have spent most of my Christian walk, since then learning the value of worshipping the Lord. How it enriches me.

That young evangelist later told me that he was in a pit of discouragement and oppression from within before preaching that message. He said that it, the message, put him on a new path too.

Isn't The Lord Magnificent? So sweet.

Best regards,

Bill Rudel

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Break up your fallow ground by Charles Finney.

 2006/5/16 21:24

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I want to name about ten, but if I had to name one that impacted my life the most, it would be Ray Comfort's 'Hell's Best Kept Secret.'

Hal Bachman

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Ten Shekels and a Shirt would have to be one of the main ones.

patrick heaviside

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I have heard many excellent ones but there is one I heard in a chapel service given by John Ropp in 1965 titled "One More Night With the Frogs". We know the story: Egypt was overrun with frogs and when Pharoah told Moses to get rid of them, he asked him "when?" He said, "tomorrow." Pharoah chose to spend one more night with the frogs when he could have been relieved of them immediately. Bro. Ropp went into detail about the nastiness of these frogs and the discomfort they caused the people...he had a vivid imagination! Now, do we choose to spend one more night of misery when we could be relieved of it immediately? This principle has dogged me ever since I heard this sermon. PTL!


Sandra Miller

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Without a doubt, the Sermon on the Mount.

Nothing else comes even close.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." -Matthew 5:3.


 2006/5/16 23:11

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Of course, I would definitely agree with Jordanamo. But as for recent messages, I would agree with many of the previous posters. [url=]Ten Shekels and a Shirt[/url] by Paris Reidhead stirs my heart nearly every time I hear it. [url=]Hell's Best Kept Secret[/url] by Ray Comfort is truly an eye opener.

One that had a powerful impact on me as a teen was [url=]Holy Ground[/url] by an impassioned David Wilkerson (available here on SermonIndex). It was sort of a transitional message from David Wilkerson. It was the message in which he announced that he was taking a one-year sabbatical from ministry in order to seek the face of God. He had recently given away his Twin Oaks Ranch ministry headquarters to [i]Youth With A Mission[/i], but it was less than two years before returning to New York to begin [i]Times Square Church[/i]. Brother Wilkerson passionately pours out his heart in this message, in which he teaches that "[i]God is more interested in winning all of [u]you[/u], than in you winning the whole world for Him[/i]." He warns of the snares that come with "reputation," materialism, and from simply not truly seeking the face of God. Even though I have heard this message many times, it still teaches and impacts my heart.

There are other messages available from SermonIndex that have impacted me. [url=]A Call to Anguish[/url] by Dave Wilkerson, A Christless Pentecost -- or now called -- [url=]Christ A Stranger[/url] by Brother Wilkerson is another heart-wrenching message. [url=]Purity and Fire, parts one[/url], [url=]two[/url], [url=]three[/url] and [url=]four[/url] by Leonard Ravenhill, or just about any other message from [url=]Leonard Ravenhill[/url].

There are so many more messages that I can say that has impacted my life for the better. I suppose these are just a few that I can think of off hand.



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