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 National ID Cards

I was discussing with a friend of mine today how it was not even ten years ago that the mere mention of the possibilty of a RFID chip or the like would send a chill up the spine of all, Christian and Heathen alike. But now after Sept 11 and the War on Terror, RFID is a viable option.

Watching the news tonight, I saw a report that said that in most homes in Australia children as young as 10 years old own a mobile phone. Technology is available to pinpoint these phone's signal, even though it has not been made available to the public yet. I mention this because when people used to emphatically reject the notion of RFID, one of the main objections was that a "Big Brother" type regime could trace anyone who received the mark. Well as a sales rep, I am aware that my employers can and do identify where I have been during the day by checking phone records, so this objection obviously isn't such a big deal, and is easily overcome.

Under the Bob Hawke administration in 1985, an Australian national Tax Summit raised the idea of a then controversial national ID card called the "Australia Card". The idea was abandoned in 1987 due to concerns over privacy issues.

Low and behold this week the Howard government stated an overhaul of the Medicare (Australia's public health care system, which involved the issuing of the Medicare Card, in 1985) and Centrelink (Australia's welfare system, incorporating unemployment benefits, parenting support, disability and old age pension). Part of this overhaul includes a replacement of the existing Medicare Card, with a new smartcard.

The new card will not be manditory, but Public Health and Welfare services would be unavailable without it. Considering that most doctors in Australia "bulk bill" (meaning that there is no payment required for consultancy, and the government picks up the bill) and that most families take advantage of a lucrative means tested parenting suppliment, it could be said that most Australians would not be able to "buy and sell" due to them "not being able to afford it".

Could this be a precursor to an "optional" RFID implant, which we will be "caused" to receive due to the need to "buy and sell", and the inability to afford anything without the government assistance that we have grown to depend.

My reason for raising this, is to enquire as to what are nations are implenting a "National ID Scheme" whether overtly, or in the covert manner that Australia has adopted. In the [url=]Is coming national ID 'mark of the beast'?[/url] thread, someone mentioned that the 'mark of the beast' will be a worldwide thing, and not a local thing. Personally I'm not entirely sold on this being the 'mark of the beast', however I am open to the possibilty and realise that there are many who believe it is 'the mark'.

Perhaps this thread will help people to realise the scope of these developements, as people comment on their own countries. I hear that the US in particular is pretty insular with it's news, and is mostlty ignorant of what's happening outside their own nation. I know that Australia here's very little of anything apart form what's happening in the States (it would seem that we are the "fifty first state" at times), so it would be good to here what's happening in European countries also.

Aaron Ireland

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