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 O God, here I am in Your presence this new day.

O God, here I am in Your presence this new day. I thank You that I am Your child, that You have made me part of Your family. I know through Your Word, that Your Holy Spirit lives right inside me. So Lord God, as I begin this day with You, I want You to know that is it is not enough for me for the Holy Spirit just to be resident in my heart… I want Him to be president of my heart.

So Lord, I give You permission to control my life. Holy Spirit, I give You permission to control my emotions, to control everything there is about me. I totally yield myself to You, Lord. My life, my health, my finances, my marriage, my family and all the hours, minutes and seconds of this new day before me. Lord God, control my life, for Jesus’ sake and in His name.

Holy Spirit of God, take control of my life. Sit in the place of power. Pull the switches. Do Your work. Lord, I just want to be available. Holy Spirit, I will be Your suit of clothes. Walk around in my body. Speak through my lips. Empower me to be what I cannot be in myself. I ask You to cleanse me from my sin, O God, and fill me now to overflowing. And I ask it in the name of Jesus.

O God, may the words of my mouth, the actions of my life, and the influence of my deeds show others your holiness and grace and lead them to acknowledge your majesty and might. In Jesus’ name I pray.

"Lord, this day I will come to certain doors that are locked, but I shall use these keys to open those doors. Remind me today that there is a key to every situation, a solution to every problem. Please don't allow me to surrender to one of life's locked doors, for I know that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to you."

Lord, I don't claim to know much- but I know this much: I need You. I hunger for You. I thirst for You. My soul pants for You. All of the wonders, gifts, attractions, and blessings of humanity cannot equal a mere thirty seconds in Your presence-yet I want more. I thank You for everything You did yesterday and in years gone by; but I want to see what You can do today; and I admit right now that I will want even more tomorrow. I am in passionate pursuit of Your presence, Lord, and nothing less will do.

Rock the world through me, not in spite of me, Lord. I surrender my will, my agenda, my plans, and even my failures to You. You chose me, now I trust You to fill me with Your glory and "plant me" where You want me to bloom. Above all, I will continue to seek Your face and dwell in Your presence wherever I find myself. My life is no longer my own for I have been bought with a price. "Spend me" to change my world and save others, Lord.

Father, I refuse to settle down in contentment. I'm too hungry for Your presence and too passionate about Your purposes. I'm helplessly, hopelessly, and eternally hungry for more of Your presence; and the more I get the more I must have. The more I have, the more I want to give it away to others as I follow You.

Lord, I've gone too far to turn back now. I'm desperate for Your presence, and I'm willing to spend my life pursuing You just for the joy of one more moment in Your manifested glory and grace.

Dear Lord, by Your grace I will deny myself daily, take up my cross, and chase after You. Grant me the GRACE to be graceful to those who refuse to chase with me, or who may even try to hinder my pursuit of Your presence. Have mercy on the church and continue Your purifying work in her, Lord. We desperately need You.

Lord, I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know I can't stay where I am today. You are on the move and I have no choice-my hunger forces me to move with my Source of supply. Change me; expand my heart and my mind to accommodate new frontiers of faith and boldness so I can play my part in Your purposes. My direction is uncertain, but my Goal is rock-solid. I will follow You, Lord. My heart's desire is to dwell in Your presence all the days of my life.


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 Re: O God, here I am in Your presence this new day.


Great post

Matt Kroelinger

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