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 Creationism dismissed as 'a kind of paganism'

Creationism dismissed as 'a kind of paganism' by Vatican's astronomer



BELIEVING that God created the universe in six days is a form of superstitious paganism, the Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno claimed yesterday.

Brother Consolmagno, who works in a Vatican observatory in Arizona and as curator of the Vatican meteorite collection in Italy, said a "destructive myth" had developed in modern society that religion and science were competing ideologies.

He described creationism, whose supporters want it taught in schools alongside evolution, as a "kind of paganism" because it harked back to the days of "nature gods" who were responsible for natural events.

Brother Consolmagno argued that the Christian God was a supernatural one, a belief that had led the clergy in the past to become involved in science to seek natural reasons for phenomena such as thunder and lightning, which had been previously attributed to vengeful gods. "Knowledge is dangerous, but so is ignorance. That's why science and religion need to talk to each other," he said.

"Religion needs science to keep it away from superstition and keep it close to reality, to protect it from creationism, which at the end of the day is a kind of paganism - it's turning God into a nature god. And science needs religion in order to have a conscience, to know that, just because something is possible, it may not be a good thing to do."

Brother Consolmagno, who was due to give a speech at the Glasgow Science Centre last night, entitled "Why the Pope has an Astronomer", said the idea of papal infallibility had been a "PR disaster". What it actually meant was that, on matters of faith, followers should accept "somebody has got to be the boss, the final authority".

"It's not like he has a magic power, that God whispers the truth in his ear," he said.

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Josh Parsley

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 Re: Creationism dismissed as 'a kind of paganism'

All I can say at this point is.... WOW!

If that isnt just about the most moronic thing I have ever heard in my entire life; I just dont know what is.

The Vatican is seriously... seriously... messed up. The entire Catholic Church does not believe in the deity of Christ nor that of GOD. They believe that the Church is the source of salvation (what creativity! It is Blasphemy!).

Ask any priest about the fact that the Bible says that Jesus is to be the only moderator between man and GOD. They will not have a response. Because the Roman Catholics do not teach the Gospel, they do not teach of the deity of Jesus Christ our Lord and GOD. They teach tradition and creative unbiblical doctrines.


I pray Christ return tomorrow. HIS "servants" disobey HIM in HIS absence. Doing all against HIS will in HIS name. Such evil...

Lord have mercy, end it now.


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Amen Scroggins!!!

Matt Kroelinger

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