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What is cheap grace?

I'm ok, yer ok, everybody's ok if we make a profession of faith in Christ. Just keep paying your tithe. BTW, we will being sharing the Lord's supper next Sunday to seal the deal.


 2006/5/16 14:54

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Sorry it took so long for me to get back. I'd have to say that the person you are referring to neither knows his bible nor the Lord God of the bible. 1Cor talks about thoughs who sleep--That's natural death, literally in this body, for thoughs who partake of it unworthily, in other words death, they die physically, they are judged in this body. Ouch! In this church age we have a tendency to have 2 Gods', one God of the Old Testament and one God of the New. Thats just not to accurate. I constantly ask the Lord to weed out bad doctrine in me and ask that He'd help me to hear sound (healthy) doctrine from His Word. As an evangelist I can tell you the trouble with many --pulpiteers who travel from church to church is that they don't minister full time, so they have little time to really study the Word of God and when they get up to speak often they just "wing" it and hope that what they say is anointed, big mistake. We'er all called to study to show ourselves approved unto God....etc.... but especially in penecostal and charismatic movements you'll see more of a leaning on the "let it fly" method preaching, personally I don't like such methods, they may touch the emotions for a time but they never work grace into an individuals life. BTW---unforgiveness isn't the only sin that brings God's corrective rod--I believe the context of that scripture was the relationship of believers within the body, as well as personal sin. The offering of the Red Heifer is to good study, I believe there's a decent thread on SI about that, it can be very relevant to the subject at hand. God Bless


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