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Don't you think that every great argument started out with such noble aspirations.

Jesus is the truth, the life and the way.

Eric John Sawyer

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 Re: Jesus

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

I have not followed this thread at all but I just want to recommend a tremendous sermon I just heard by Keith Daniel covering the main subject of this thread, hopefully it might help answer some questions and also shed some light on though scriptures such as Hebrews 6:4-6

[b]When the Godly Fall by Keith Daniel[/b]
Description: Keith Daniel in this sermon gives a clear strong message of the grace of God to the backslidding Christian. With such passion he asks people to walk again with God not to walk with the ungodly who are apart from God and hate God but let us walk with the godly those that love righteousness and all that is good.

Download the sermon here...

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Jesus

Don't you think that every great argument started out with such noble aspirations

Maybe in the natural world among men. But if we are Christ's we are not of this world, nor are we natural men, but we are born of God, having His Life and baptised into one body by One Spirit haveing the One Life. And this Life is not divided. It is not disagreeable.

Paul told the Philipeans to strive together for the Unity of the Spirit and the uniting bond of Peace. And he went further. He told them to be "one souled". That is not just of one spirit, but also "one souled" or "like minded". This is possible only by the Spirit's Light and the Spirit's enabeling. But it's issue is One soul striving together for the faith of the gospel.

It this possible? with men it is impossible. But with God all things are possible.

The more we take the cross to our natural life, the more we let go of our right to our opinion, the more we apply to Christ as the indwelling Spirit, the more we shall find ourselves brought into the unity of the faith. The More we shall be brought into the Oneness of the faith and experience the Oneness of the body of Christ by the One Spirit of the One Lord.

Christ did not pray to the Father in John 17 to presever them in their opinions and to keep them amiable in their disagreements. No, He prayed that they be perfected into One that the world might know that "thou has sent Me". And this oneness is based in the Oneness of the Trinity and our union with Him. It is not based in a philosophy of mutual tolorence, but rather on the experience of the reality of the Oneness of the Triune God and our union with Him. This and this alone is the basis for Christian unity. Not agreeing to disagree, but oneness with the Triune God.

A husband and wife can adopt the habit of mutual tolorance and even appear over time to be "one souled" but it is not genuine. We all know couples like this. But let them learn to take the cross to their natural life and over time Christ will be formed in them and they will indeed be "one soul". They will grow up in all things into Christ who is the head and there will be the reality of Christ in them and in their relationship. Others will see it. They will share one life and manifest one Life and be a testimony to Christ. It is the same in the church life. When believers learn to take the cross to their natural life, deny their soul life and experience Christ, there is the oneness of the Spirit and the genuine testimony of Christ.


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Do you know what the word "eternal" means, fool? IT MEAN'S FOREVER, NOT "TEMPORARY". And heretic: SALVATION IS NOT BASED ON WORKS OR MAN KEEPING THE LAW! IF SALVATION IS DEPENDANT ON US YOU IDIOT THEN THE ENTIRE BIBLE IS A LIE AND FUTILE AND WE WILL ALL END UP SINNING LIKE ADAM AND PERMANENTLY LOOSING ANOTHER CHANCE TO EVER GET ETERNAL LIFE AS THE BIBLE ALSO TEACHES! And blasphemer: so you're few and pathetic deeds and law-keeping can earn God's eternal perfect and pure love and forgiveness and all the eternal rewards after and the eternal suffering, bloodshed and death of Christ for your sins? Really? And let me guess: that you won't lose eternal life once you die is just a nice little coincidence? Magically you're free will is still free after you die just not before? HUUUUUHHH? MAKE SENSE YOU ARMINIAN FOOL OR GO TO HELL AS YOU DESERVE!

 2010/8/4 7:42

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I could not read your post after seeing this expression...I think you need to read you Bible some more, especially Matthew 5:22. Then come back here and post.

Sandra Miller

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i will lock this thread, such language is not fit for a christian. When we speak to each other it should be in a christian manner and attitude. A fragrance of Christ, not even Paul spoke like that to brothers in error, Christ himself did only to my understanding speak harshly to hypocrites, it is amazing how one can believe in the doctrines of grace and yet be so ungraceful in their speech?

And i find it hard anyone would ever consider your teaching or compare it with their own with such an answer or attitude in discussion..

thread locked


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