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 Real or misleading?

Is it really ethical to tell someone you don't even know that you love them? Or, could this be insincere, and misleading?
It's easy to tell someone you don't even know you love them when your filled with the Spirit. But what about those times when you're not? What should you do then?
This might seem petty to some but to others this is a real battle. Especially for us guys who have this BLOCK that seems to come up whenever this word is mentioned. You know. The JOHN WAYNE tuff guy attitude that we struggle with our whole lives.


 2006/5/2 15:13

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 Re: Real or misleading?

It would depend on your definition of love. If you equate love with an emotion, than you'd be wrong, but if you agree with the bibles use and definition of love, than it becomes a volition of the will and a desire to be pleasing to God and not a man pleaser.
One thing to consider, once you have a proper definition of love (an action word) you have a choice to make, to do love or not to do love. Practically speaking a good place to start loving others you don't know is by your prayer life and seasons of fastings for people you barely know. Always seeking to impart unto them some spiritual treasure you pressed in to recieve from the Lord. Does that all make sense?? God Bless


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 Re: Real or misleading?

Well said Brother Miller.


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