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 Prayer is needed!

I need prayer for my summer internship. I will be working with troubled teens from all around the U.S. The place that I will be working at is a Christian etablishment, but some of the kids are not saved. My job will be living with them day in and day out. As "The Tale of Two Cities" says, "It was the worst of times. It was the best of times." They will get to see both from my life. Pray for God's grace to fill my mind and heart everyday! Thank you brothers!


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 Re: Prayer is needed!

I pray for you, Brother, that God will give you His Wisdom, His Knowledge, His understanding, and that they will see Jesus in you.
I'm not a Brother, but a Sister, and prayer is prayer.
God Bless you
Nellie :-)

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May God bless you and prepare your heart to serve. May you let the Spirit of Jesus work through your spirit.

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 Re: Prayer is needed!

I see God's grace as oil poored onto gears that makes them operate smoothly together. Without that oil they would surely over heat and seize up. I trust that the Lord himself will grant you the daily grace you need to serve Him faithfully, knowing this that He who called you is faithful, Jesus will help you. I often think that the grace of God will only allow people to see in us that which He wants them to see. So , "May the Lord Himself grant to you the grace to be found faithful in Him and the wisdom to live Jesus Christ out in thier sight, adorning the gospel with grace, that all of them may be drawn to the Love of God in the good news of God, Jesus Christ, and that you will also grow closer through this experience, to Him who everlives to make intercession for you." Amen. God Speed :-)


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