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 Prayer request for Veve...


I would like to ask for prayer for a man known as "Veve."

Veve was a well known street preacher in the town that I attend school. He met the Lord through a Victory Outreach Center (which is very similar to the Teen Challenge concept which were started by David Wilkerson). He was delivered from a terrible drug habit, and has been serving the Lord humbly for over 14 years.

Veve has always been a fireball. He preached [u]anywhere[/u]! I saw him preach in the mall, in streets, parks, in drug areas, at our University, in nursing homes, and of course, in local Churches. He was even allowed to speak to a local Middle School about staying away from drugs. Of course, he didn't "soften" his message. He told the packed gym that he only was able to break his habit through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I lost contact with Veve when I switched to a small local church. But ever-so-often, I would still see Veve preaching at the grocery store, Wal-Mart, etc... It was always an encouragement to see Veve weep as he shared what the Lord had done in his life. He always greeted me with a warm embrace and a word of encouragement.

As time has gone by, I have remained busy with school, and I haven't remained in contact with many of the believers that are well aquainted with Veve. However, I saw Veve tonight at the large local HEB grocery store for the first time in over a year.

He walked up to me and smiled. But immediately, I could tell that something was wrong. He had lost quite a bit of weight, and his speech was slurred. His eyes were bloodshot, and sort of "glassy." I was shocked to find out that he had returned headfirst into his habit. I spoke to him, trying to encourage him in the short amount of time that I had (I had to leave to pick up a final exam). His arms seemed to have fresh needle holes. He kept asking me for some money, telling me that he couldn't even afford to buy a can of soda. I told him that I didn't have any cash with me(I only had my bank cards with me), but I offered to buy him something to eat. He told me, "No thanks." As I walked to the car, he shouted something out at me that was a bit unintelligible.

I got into my car in tears. I hurried to the class, picked up my final (with just a few minutes to spare). But for the rest of the evening, I have been greatly troubled. I have poured my heart out to the Lord tonight because of this situation. Just last week, I met another former local preacher that is now suffering from AIDS because of gross sexual sin.

Please be in prayer about this situation. Veve was a very visible part of the Christian community in this town. He was a humble believer, and it hurts to know the impact that his life can have on many people. Tonight, I prayed that Veve would feel "withdrawal symptoms" as long as he continues to stray from his relationship with Jesus. I know that I feel miserable if just a little time goes by without real and intimate fellowship with Christ. Please pray that Veve feels this piercing hunger -- even more than the things that this world can provide him. Please pray for me, as I am currently praying about finding the time to speak with him again in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.



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 Re: Prayer request for Veve...

I will be praying...

keep us updated if you could.

God Bless

Matt Kroelinger

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 knowing this

The apostle Paul wrote that he would beat his body lest after preaching to others he might become a castaway. Early on in my street preaching/witnessing experience I learned some valuable lessons on this scripture. I have never had a substance controling habit, but after I had preached one nite I had an over whelming desire for the taste of beer, I hate beer, I could actually taste n smell it and the drive to drink it was very present. I was in the Lord's school where I had to learn the lessons of practically taking up the cross, learning how to deny myself and follow Him. Witness, as with preaching should be preceded with a time of prayer and followed with a time of prayer, not just what I call fast food prayers, you know what I mean----Lord bless our effort, amen, A real wrestling with God, before and after. Some times even with fasting, now I've always been slow to fast, however sometimes there's nothing that will get the job done like a season of fasting.
I want to encourage you to take seriously the fact that the same power of God that raised Christ from the dead , lives inside of you and your very life, prayers, ministry of the Word of God can and will change peoples lives, even if they have backslid. I'll be praying for you, dear saint , to be an extension of Jesus here on the earth in delivering power. God Bless


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 Re: Prayer request for Veve...

User removed ... We know who you are and will be reporting you to your ISP.

 2006/4/30 6:37

 Re: Prayer request for Veve...


This is a very sad story.

I have heard that evangelists are even more vulnerable to fall into what some Christians would call 'serious sin'.... and I've always thought perhaps they were a volatile sort of personality, naturally. But, it occurs to me now, that maybe they just get a much harder time from the enemy, because they are doing so much damage to his territory. Whatever, it is easy to see someone like Veve out there serving the Lord, and make a whole lot of assumptions about how much fellowship he gets. Really, a person on the streets preaching, needs not only a strong group of Christians who love and accept him when he's worn out, but, a dedicated team of prayer supporters.

The only thing which comes to me to offer, is to suggest you go and show him the love of God by spending time with him, accepting him in the state he is now, and giving him some reason to believe God would have him back - and even would heal him from the cravings and damage these chemicals cause. He needs to receive from God the kind of experience that he's been preaching about, and sometimes it's very hard to be the person who needs an answer one has been doling out in large quantities to others. It's very humbling. But, I'm sure God would want to meet him, if he can find a way to accept His invitation.

When he's in this state, love needs to be practical and tangible, as well as what the Holy Spirit can do. Thank you for sharing about Veve.

 2006/5/2 8:36

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 Re: Prayer request for Veve...

Will be praying for you both.



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Hi everyone

Dorcas, I feel like I can relate alot of my personal experience with what you have written.

Several years ago I began doing personal evangelisim regularly in my neighborhood. It was an area with a very bad drug problem, crime, prostitution and overall oppressed by evil on every hand.

I remember a few times where I recognized temptation being put in front of me. I also knew many times where after ministering to people I would just feel...demolished?

Once in particular, I was out sharing the Gospel and a man sitting on a bench waved me over. After talking for a bit I convinced him to go to Church with me that evening. He was homeless and living in an vacant projects that was in an even worse area. So he went with us and I prayed with him at the altar and then took him back to the neighborhood he was sleeping in. Afterwards that night, I felt like it was all I could do to just lay on the couch. I was wiped out, but not physically.

Another time I was feeling very troubled in my mind and a dear brother in the Lord came by that evening after his church service and said that he felt the Lord had him to pray for me that night, that He felt the Lord saying to him the loins of my mind were getting weak. He was exactly right.

And so it has been a very hard struggle, so much so that a couple months ago I didn't feel like I could continue sharing the Gospel regularly, which is when I ended up signing on to these forums. I feel as though this time has maybe been like being in the Lord's hospital, so to speak, though I do not feel anywhere near to being fully recovered.

So, if it's not inappropriate, perhaps I could be added to the prayer list along with veve. I certainly do covet the prayers of the faithfull.

Thanks and peace to you all in Messiah Jesus

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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