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Chris, I'm not trying to trifle with you, believe me ... but I have several of Wurmbrand's books. I love that man. And a number of his videos. Even books no longer available.

If you have an e-sword or at least a Strong's concordance, look up just that word "doctrine" and all it means is "teachings" anyways ..... but look how it is used. The Forty-Four times that the word Doctrine is used, it is very forcefully used.

Do not ever buy the lie that we are to drop sound doctrine for unity and peace and love.
That is EXACTLY WHY the Church is in the shape it is in right now.

Martin Lloyd-Jones, Spurgeon, R.C. Ryle, etc. etc. etc. said the same thing. They all gave messages on our absolute need for sound doctrine, because HE 'IS' THE TRUTH.

If we compromise or do not LOVE TRUTH with a passion, we will be deceived and NOT have the strength to get through what the martyrs did and will - as you read Prophecy, this you will see.

The thread I started was to "get us through".
It's not "my" writings. I don't like writing anymore .... but please give it some thought.

Why is the Church in the mess it's in ? Because of the LACK of Sound Doctrine and the quoted men on that thread prove that out.

HE 'IS' Sound Doctrine.

Yes, I pray as you say, May GOD be our help today.


 2006/4/28 22:05



 2006/4/28 22:14

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