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Joined: 2006/4/13
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Dallas, TX


1. how long has this been happening?
2. does it only happen during prayer, or has it happened at other times your eyes have been closed?
3. has it ever happened while your eyes have been open?
4. does the light move? how and where does it move?
5. do you ever see spots or flashes of light? halos around lights?
6. when was your last comprehensive eye exam?


1. Once that I can recall to myself.
2. Has only happened during prayer.
3. My eyes were open. (I have seen other unexplainable things while my eyes have been open, scary enough before I told anyone; these things were confirmed to me by my Brother, he had seen them too. What I have seen before are demons. Except once, a Golden outline in the shape of a man while under demonic attack, the attack stopped shortly after I saw the Golden outline of the man.)
4. My light moved fast to my left. Like passing a light. From what I could tell my light had shape of some sort.
5. Only when standing up too fast.
6. Sometime about mid-December, Did not need glasses, do not wear glasses, had 20/10 vision.

Thoughts Doc?



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blake, get yourself to an eye exam! Once a year! :-)

A few more questions for all y'all:

1) do you ever see "floaters" in your vision? Have they ever increased in number or frequency?

2) when was the last time your bp was checked? what was it?

3) what position do you pray in? do you always pray in that position? Are you ever in that position when you are not praying?

4) do you notice a "negative" after image in your vision? (like when your eyes open, do you notice a black/purple streak like when your picture is taken)


Denver McDaniel

 2006/5/5 18:34Profile

 Re: a star flash during prayer,a truthful thought, and at worship/house of god

sometimes during prayer, when i am completely honest, usually about something new and sometimes when i have a thought about what is accurate or what seems to be accurate because a light flashes and it convinces me that i am being told, yes! it's been about a year. i used to hear noises but these have been replaced by this light and it is since i have become much more directed spiritually through complete and utter bible based doctrine, worship and changes in accordance to biblical commandments. I googled this tonight as it happened twice in tonight's prayer. and I had to see if anyone else has experienced this. It's not recommended by my congregation elders to read things not related to direct biblical based source. so this is a little scary. I assume the best thing is to go to the elders but i just don't know how this will be taken. It doesn't seem i need to get my eyes checked. my psychiatrist didn't think much of it..he called it my internal light. but i truly wonder if there is something else to it. I too worry that it is not angelic of god. and of satan's influences. There is one thing that stops me from being completely at peace with my relationship to god and that is that i sometimes use kinesiology and test others' emotions and actions. which in my mind wasn't bad a few years ago but has become a struggle to break the habit. i am able to muscle check things of that nature pertaining to myself and others but never when it has to do with spiritual matters. perhaps because it is a different source of energy (divine) and completely wrong to do.

 2011/9/20 4:45


Wow... you dug deep to find this one! 2006... this thread is over 5 years old!


 2011/9/20 7:30

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I have recently been saved and experienced the same flash of white light...not medical ...never had it before coming to the lord.


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