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 Im finding it hard to shout from the house tops.

Hi everyone.
Im finding it hard to shout out from the house tops,because when i do im told to stop shouting.
when i dont shout, im told to shout.when i sing a song im told not too sing,when i dont sing a song,im told to sing a song.
How do i please every?

 2006/4/25 5:19

 Re: Im finding it hard to shout from the house tops.

Paul...If your going to shout, nag, claw, and scream like me, just do it in regular letters. Works just fine! Keep swinging that ass's jaw baby! (ass is in the Bible. Judges.15:16, not a curse word). 8-)

 2006/4/25 6:00

 Re: Im finding it hard to shout from the house tops.

rakkanakknal, First brother, please do not be offended. May i suggest you prayerfully read the following:
[url=]SermonIndex Forum Disclaimer (MUST READ)[/url]
If you have already read it then i would suggest for you to read it again because i believe it would answer your questions. If you are still not satisfied i would take up the matter with one of the moderaters who im sure will be glad to help you.
Brother, you don't want to be a 'man pleaser' this shouldn't be the reason for your posts. God bless you rakkanakknal. :-)

 2006/4/25 6:13

 Re: Thanks

hi Geraldine.
thank you so very much for your love and passion towards me.I have read what you said for me to read.may the lord bless you and keep you in all your ways.I am learning too be on si the way the Lord wants me to are such a blessing

 2006/4/25 8:14

 Re: Im finding it hard to shout from the house tops.

Yes, please stop making so many new threads.


 2006/4/25 11:20


A lot of us come on here initially at SI and spend a lot of time making people upset at us. Why? Well, there could be several reasons. Many times it's because we may not be prolific writers, and so our words are misunderstood. As well, many times we do not season our words with enough grace, mercy and love. Also, some come here as self appointed prophets, thinking that we are Elijah and John the Baptist combined into one... and we set forth to tell everyone here to get right with God.

I have not read any of your postings, so I am not referring to you or anything you've written. In fact, I would say I am writing from experience.

It takes a little time to find one's place in this forum. I hit quite a number of guard rails when I first started here, but after awhile I learned how to navigate the road better. And I know some others have done the same.

There is nothing wrong with speaking the plain truth, and earnestly contending for the faith... and sometimes we will offend some. But the question is... did WE offend them, or did the truth of God offend them? Thats the part you have to figure out. If we offend them, then we're probably operating in the flesh. If God's truth offended them... so be it. No apology needed.

Just some friendly advice from someone who has learned to walk the journey with others on this forum.


 2006/4/25 11:27

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oops i meant to do a pm...

 2006/4/25 19:08Profile

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