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 I should introduce myself

It occurred to me that I never took the time to introduce myself. I posted here a few times a while back but have since been in transition quite literally around the world. I am settled back in the states and I have been faithfully lurking the Christian web sites trying to find a place to refresh my spirit on a daily basis. I have really enjoyed the sermon index because there are so many brilliant contributors. I am refreshed by the patience that they show to those of us who are still have so much to learn. (Even when we bark out an ill thought response to an idea or question).
Oh yea, I was introducing myself. My name is Chris and I have been a Christian since I was a teenager, though there have been many times along the way when I have forgotten that. Recently, Jesus has put a new calling on my heart to go into the ministry. (a calling I've heard once before, but decided to chase my own glory instead). Now, with a prayerful heart, I am leaving the military after eleven years and I will begin school this fall. As I begin my studies I feel that Christ has lead me to you all so that I will always have a place to turn when I am confused or need a little reassurance. I have read alot of posts here and am encouraged by the tempered debates and family atmosphere. I pray that the Lord will bless you all and continue to allow you to help others grow in His spirit. Please pray for me as I begin to follow his calling. I don't have a great quote to put on my profile yet, but I am sure the scriptures will provide one sooner or later.
More about me? Ok, my heroes are Jesus, Paul, Brother Andrew, and Cpl Jason Dunham(ask me about him if you want to know). I am a husband and a father and I have ruined my eyesight from reading too much (according to my wife). I think there is too much media and not enough good coffee shops. I am a Protestant but really enjoy father Jonathan's blog on foxnews(its the only reason I go there). My life has been exceedingly blessed since I accepted my calling in every way. I am puzzled how I could have ever lived without Christ in my life, but awestruck and humbled at the way I can see Him moving in every aspect of my life today. Also, I am burdened by the responsibility being placed on me as minister of His word. I only hope I can live up to it. I look forward to sharing my experiences in school with you. Thank you and God Bless you.

 2006/4/25 2:06Profile

 Re: I should introduce myself

Hia Chris and welcome brother.

Since I've been orbiting Cyberspace, I find that this is still the only Forum that I can relate to. I love the Classics and people laugh at me, because I like my Authors Dead. Ha.

Anyhow, it sounds like you're off to a good start. I was in the Military too. I'm glad you're getting out to go into the Ministry.
Have you chosen your school already ?

Well, happy to have you and your wife here and will definitely be remembering you in prayer on a regular basis.

All His Best to you and a good starter IMO is [url=]R. A. Torrey[/url]

LORD Bless.


 2006/4/25 3:28

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