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Please refrain from using ALL CAPITAL'S it is considered "shouting" in internet parlance.

At the same time, this is not a forum for postulating anything that you wish to express in this manner.

Mike Balog

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Greetings dear brother. The prophet speaks without in this hour, without a pulpit in a building. Pastors have a stronghold on that and are not about to let anything truly prophetical or apostolic in their pulpits. So you can forget that.
Just yesterday, my wife and I were speaking of these things together. I was chiding her that it looks like I'm going to be tempted to becoming a "political activist" again. I know I'm not called to be a politician. But its high time we americans begin to call our politicians. Our president was a knight in shinning armor during his first term, but has turned out to be a traitor during his second. I am appalled at how he lets oil dependency soar. Gas prices are only exceeded by gas profit. 30% plus tax on your check, then add 10% more when you spend it. What is not taken there is taken at the gas pump. Over half the price of a gallon of gas goes to the government. Where are our road improvements? What is being done with our tax money? Why it's growing our government.
The only difference between democrats and republicans is that one is open about thier desire for more government, while the other is not. There is not 10 cents worth of difference between the two parties, they are both on the same page. Both are in bed with the arabs!
So, will God's people continue to soak the lust of their heart on television viewing, golf games, nascar, and whatever while their country goes to hell in a hand basket? Or will we begin to hold our political leaders accountable as we do our own leaders? Well....I can't go there, because we don't hold our pastors accountable to the bible either. We let them build kingdoms of their own making while the church goes without the voice of God. God help us all.
As a native of Baton Rouge, I know what you are experiencing there in Louisiana. It is so frustrating. I am not sad that I do not live there any longer. But I am sad for our brothers and sisters there. Louisiana is corruption personified when it comes to politics. I doubt if the state ever catches up to the others in progress, education, and growth.

So this is our only pulpit that is always open. Not only that, it is available around the world. I thank God for SI and the internet. Had I not had it afforded to me all these years, I would have swollen up and burst no doubt. Why? Because pastors hate to see me coming. It's not that I have a critical spirit. It's the anointing that makes them shake in their boots. All that is dear to them is in jeapordy when a real man of God shows up. They immediatle try to find some flaw so they can character assasinate you. I've got news for them. Anyone can destroy my reputation, but I'm the only one who can destroy my character. And since God does not repent on His calling, I'm not about to lose or give up that either.
When God led Israel (a type or model for the church today) out of Egypt. He specifically stated that He did not lead them by way of the Philistines. Why would He do that, and why would He make sure it was included in the description of what happened?
God has always wanted a people serperated for Himself, pure and holy, untainted by the world, the heathen, the idolator. No doubt it was shorter to go through the land of the Philistines, otherwise mentioning it would not have made much sense. But God chose the longer way around, to avoid the influence of the philistines into Israli culture. If that was important to our God then, why would it be any different now? Has God changed? Absolutely not! Has His desires for a people set apart for Himself changed? No! Who has changed beloved? Is it not the compromising american christian? Our glut of luxury among the ungodly has not been our blessing, but our undoing.
In our quest for pleasure and comfort, we have failed to impart the Word of God to our children. We have left education to the teacher. We have given the Word of God to the pastor and the sunday school teacher, and made them responsible for doing our job to teach our children. Now, there is a famine in the land, a famine of the Word of God. Oh there is plenty of noise, but not much substance. The so called "Word of God" is as artificial as the cheese we consume. Little by little additives have been added. Artificial color and smell. Artifical sweetners. Why? The same thing that motivates food producers to add these things to our food is the same thing that makes our preachers add them in the pulpit. PROFIT! (excuse me, moderators, but a shout was necessary there, ;-) ). GREED is the number one motivator in the business world and in the church of America. Greed, comfort, and pleasure has brought our values down into a drunken stupor. While our people lay drunken in debauchery, the enemy has already entered into the camp. The watchmen have been trodden under foot or run out of town. They are now outside the camp because they are not welcome inside the camp, any more than Jesus was. They sit in tears on the high rock above the city and watch as we lay down all our defenses and bask in our ungodliness, calling evil good and good evil.
The last straw? Turning our backs on Israel. When that happens, look out america. Your "Posidan Adventure" is about to be overthrown and turned upside down.
Never the less, God is still proclaiming through the voices of His prophets today. Repent, turn from your wicked ways. Fall on your face before God, not on your back. Humble yourself and meet with God(pray). Then, and only then, will there be any hope for America.
If there was ever a need in the church today, it is for the prayer meeting. We ought to be having city wide prayer meetings. But how will we conduct them and how will we hear from God when they will be dominated by the ungodliness of corupt preachers and so called church leaders? If we had them, they would be as dead as the Sunday morning service. If we had a truly Spirit filled prayer meeting, there would not be a problem with attendance. But since the prayer meetings look and sound as dead as the Sunday service, they are not well attended, and therefore not continued. No need continuing what is not profitable, monetarily speaking.
Sigh, is there any unrestrained rallying place where the real people of can meet with each other to meet with God?
Since the church is but a remnant, there is only one place where we can come together in repentance, prayer, and worship. That place is before your eyes as you read this. This site and many others like it. It is the only voice we have, and the only place affored those who are hungry for God, not artifcial insemination.
So press on home boy. Next time you eat a little lunch at the Jambalya Shop, pray for me. Greet all the brethren there with kiss, and tell them that I still love them and all my neighbors in Louisiana. It's still home for my flesh. :) But I must be about my Father's business. I must live the rest of my life in exile from luxury and glut, and proclaim Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of all. He is the reason I am me. His is the only Kingdom that will last. I am His ambassador, His bond servant. God help us all. We are only passing through. Thanks be to God.

Immersed in His mercy and grace,

Dead to the world, but alive in Christ Jesus

Thank God for the internet. Without it, how alone I'd really feel. I know I would be like Elijah and Ezekiel, "Lord, they have killed all the prophets, and now they seek my life". But thanks be to God for the internet. I know that I am not alone. There is a remnant that loves God. Some of the people here are part of this holy people, set apart for the glory of God.

Lahry Sibley

 2006/4/24 10:25Profile

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