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 Gay Pride Festival in Jerusalem 2006

A friend e-mailed me this please prayerfully consider it:


The citizens of Jerusalem need your help urgently. The Jerusalem Prayer Team is the only organization attempting to block WorldPride 2006. To date, we have 24700 signers.

Scenes like this could be repeated all over Jerusalem

It looks like Crucifixion Friday, but thank God, Resurrection Sunday is coming. If we do not speak up, in a few months the world will see sodomites in the tens of thousands at Mount Calvary.

Imagine, 250,000 homosexuals with crosses adorning their nearly-naked bodies will be nailing our Lord to the cross afresh.

There are simply some things that will not happen without prayer and fasting, so I am going on a one-week fast. My request to the Lord during this fast is that everyone who receives this email will sign the petition, and will also send it on to their list and ask them to do the same.

I am so thankful for those that have helped, but I know if everyone will sign this and ask their list to sign, the number of names will jump 100 times.

Over the years, the Lord has told me to stand up for Israel. I did it in 1988 in Geneva as I held Bible in Arafat's face and declared the Word of the Lord, even though terrorists threatened they would kill me.

I did it in 1993 in Madrid when I stood up to world leaders such as James Baker, then- Secretary of State; and in 1983 in Beirut, the day the Marine barracks were bombed by Iran; as well as going into Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel during the Persia Gulf War.

The eyes Christians have been on Jerusalem this past week because of the observance of Passover, and the celebration of our Lord's glorious resurrection.

You can be certain that WorldPride's gay pastors will proclaim to the citizens of Jerusalem that the homosexual populace is wonderful Christians who represent you and me. If it happens every Jew worldwide will see this sight, as well as the one billion Muslims. All will think that is who we are and what we represent.

It would break my heart to see sodomites parading through the holy sites such as the Garden Tomb, the Garden of Gethsemane and Mount Calvary. Imagine thousands upon thousands of gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders marching down the Via Delarosa with crosses. Imagine the debauchery of the parties and parades that will take place.

This is not a God-event. The opposite is true, in fact. Satan wants to destroy your witness to both the Jews and Muslims, and make the citizens of Jerusalem, and in fact, the Middle East, believe that these people represent you and your church.

I have worked closely with all of Jerusalem's mayors. Mayor Uri Lupolianski is an Orthodox Jew and a very humble man. He is opposed to this, but he cannot overcome this without your support.

It is urgent that we get one million signatures to deliver to the Mayor and City Council in Jerusalem. Why? When the homosexuals of the world plan to descend on Jerusalem in numbers approaching 250,000, there is no way the City Council will believe that Christians oppose WorldPride 2006 if we present fewer than one million signatures.

We need to use every media vehicle available to us to enlist signers. For example, we could place a full-page ad in a newspaper such as USA Today that would reach millions.

Will you help us by sending a gift today?

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Mike Evans


the pettetion can be found here: [url=]HELP STOP WORLDPRIDE 2006 IN JERUSALEM[/url]

i know this festival didn't go ahead last year for fear of offedning Jerusalems religious citizens Christian/Jew/Muslim lets pray the same thing occurs this year

God bless

matt and mim


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