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 Help with Videos/MP3's

If anyone could help that would be outstanding.

I work in an inner-city missions ministry, and I started putting together a slideshow for my supporters (I raise support just like an overseas missionary) and the show ended up becoming a 15.3 megabyte Powerpoint slideshow.

1) I can't send it via email in its current form. What is the cheapest way to convert it / distribute it without having to redo all the work I did.

2) I would also like to post it in whatever form is the best on this site, my site, or however I need to, and let you guys chew it up and give me some insight or critique, as I think I would like to start doing these monthly with my newsletters (probably not 15 MB). How do I post videos here like you guys have done with Revival Hymn, etc?

Hal Bachman

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 Re: Help with Videos/MP3's

You can compress the file to a small size using a product called WinZip (which i think used to be called PKZip). With WinZip you can also create it as a self-extracting .exe file so that anyone can expand the file without having to own WinZip. It's a start, anyway.

Brian and Tracey Clack

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 Re: Help with Videos/MP3's

Hi letsgetbusy...

It is possible to do a couple of things in order to allow the slideshow to be seen via email.

First of all, you could place the slideshow on a webserver, and provide a link on the email. This allows each individual to open or download the slideshow. By using a DSL or Cable modem, this would usually only take a couple of minutes for 15MB.

If you are still wanting to attach it to an email, you might want to remember that most popular online email applications (like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc...) prevent sending or receiving files larger than 5-10MB. To achieve a smaller size, you could compress your graphics. You could also change the size or resolution of the graphics. And you could also change the format into which those graphics are saved (i.e., from .jpg to .gif). This usually saves much space. This is easily accomplished using programs like Adobe PhotoShop.

There is a wonderful FREE program called Microsoft PowerPoint PRODUCER. This is a multimedia aid for PowerPoint, and allows video and audio to be added to already created powerpoint slides.

I hope this helps. Drop me a note, email or PM if you would like some more info on all of this. The Lord bless you!

Have a wonderful Passover and Resurrection Day!



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