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Joined: 2003/3/6
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college station , tx

 Every believer should listen here...

I would that you all would spend some time listening to David Wilkerson. He would be one of the first preachers I listen to on this website. This man lives nearer to the throne of God that most anyone I know in these last days. I would personally say that he is one of the most annointed men in the u.s. today. The great thing is that He lives in such a state of urgency and intensity. Also, HE is still alive!! Thats' wonderful, he speaks about current issues pretty regularly. Take the time to listen and be challenged. Some sermons I suggest are...
1.Holy Ground
2.Christless Pentecost
3.A Call to Anguish
4.The Towers Have fallen but We missed the Message

This man is the closest that I hear today of a prophetic message in the calibre of Leonard Ravenhill or other men of God.


Chad Sepulveda

 2003/7/5 9:36Profile

Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Every believer should listen here...

Well all I can add to that is a hearty Amen!
"A call to anguish" me goosebumps even as I type.

Carter Conlon ,who was refered to me by Maria is also excellent, He is the senior pastor of Times Square Church that David Wilkerson founded.
Jim Cymbala.....something about that neck of the woods (New York) must be the water, make that Living Water.


Mike Balog

 2003/7/5 17:34Profile

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