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 My Unsaved Cousin is Dying Now!

Please pray for my cousin, Janet Gellespie. She went into a diabetic coma yesterday and her kidneys are shutting down The doctors are asking the family to make decisions. She isn't saved.

Please, please pray she will wake up to hear the gospel and her heart will be ready. Her children aren't saved, either. My parents will be there soon to witness to her even if she's still in the coma, and I will go in 5 hours.

Pray she will live long enough to be born again!

Thank you
pottershands (Melissa Wright)


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 Re: My Unsaved Cousin is Dying Now!

Will agree in prayer.

God Bless


Robert Wurtz II

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 Re: My Unsaved Cousin is Dying Now!

Will do.


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 Re: My Unsaved Cousin is Dying Now!

Dear Melissa,

The thing that comes to me is for your family to anoint her with oil, and pray for the damage to be reversed, and for her blood balance to be miraculously restored.

I'm not suggesting this lightly and I realise you may feel very inadequate, but if you can believe into the faith [u]of Jesus[/u], it doesn't depend on how 'much' faith you 'feel' you have, but rather on how much faith He has, and whether you can connect with it in prayer.

I will pray too. A person in a coma may not respond, but they can hear and pick up the spirit of what's going on around them. Hope can also be ministered, and if she can hear you, she can pray too, and connect with God's spirit. Of course, He may be ahead of you, ministering to her already. Believe He is with you, for sure.

 2006/3/31 15:01

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Praying for salvation.

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 Re: My Unsaved Cousin is Dying Now!

Hi Melissa...

I am praying for your cousin, your family and this situation.



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