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 Sago Mine Survivor Leaves Hospital

I am posting just the first couple paragraphs from this story, I have found an address to send cards, etc… to this man and his family. I think it might be a great showing should several SI members send a card, a short note, a gift if so led and let him know you are a member of Sermon Index, give him the website address let him know you are praying for him. Who knows perhaps he will visit the site, listen to an old sermon and make a decision to follow Christ… that would be awesome. Ask God's direction,

The address:
Randal McCloy Jr. Fund
c/o Clear Mountain Bank
1889 Earl Core Road
Morgantown, WV 26505

Sago Mine Survivor Leaves Hospital
Thursday , March 30, 2006

Associated Press


— Sago Mine survivor Randal McCloy Jr. was released from a hospital Thursday and offered gratitude for the support he has received since he was trapped almost three months ago.
"I'd just like to thank everybody for their thoughts and prayers," McCloy said during a brief appearance at a morning news conference, "I believe that's it." McCloy then left the room with his wife, Anna.
McCloy and Anna were expected to return to their Simpson home later in the morning.
"Our family is glad to be going home," Anna McCloy said. "Today is another part our miracle, just three months after the accident.
"However, there are 12 families who are in our thoughts and prayers today and every day. The families of Randy's co-workers and friends are celebrating with us today just as we continue to mourn with them. Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers."
McCloy is considered a medical miracle because he survived after being exposed to carbon monoxide for more than 41 hours.
In recognition of that, Gov. Joe Manchin announced that the rural road where the McCloys live will now be named "Miracle Road."
"Randy is unbelievable how he has come through this ordeal," Manchin said. "Today, I'm happy to say that the time has finally come for Randy to return home."
In an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, McCloy said he had "no explanation of how I escaped it and survived."
"It's just crazy how that ended up being like that."

Yes, he may have no explanation, but I do... the Mercy and Love of God.


Tony Sexton

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 Re: Sago Mine Survivor Leaves Hospital

Thanks Tony, Very nice of you to post this.

I know that when "one man" survives and his co-mates don't, the guilt and trauma of "why me" stays with you for life.

In our prayers and cards, we should minister directly to that part of his trauma and future life ... asking God for wisdom on what to say, to comfort this man, that God has His purposes.

I read of a man in Romania, that had been put in solitary confinement, with NO FOOD and he survived to tell about it after THREE MONTHS. :-D

Who God wants alive, will stay alive ... and many many stories like this Romanian testifies to just that. :-D

Good thinking heart of you Tony.

 2006/4/2 1:00

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